Thursday, 28 June 2007


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Instant Messengers (IMs) have become part and parcel of our lives ever since the birth of the much-loved ICQ (I Seek You) program in 1996. It allowed people to communicate in a very direct manner without going through the hassle of waiting for responses from emails. Following the success of ICQ, came Window Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger (Beta) and AOL's AIM. Even the almost 2 decade’s old Internet Relay Chat (IRC) still remains popular amongst chatters worldwide.

There remains a problem with these IMs as friends and family members often connected to different networks. To install all the chatting programs is a tedious job and will eventually drain the limited resources of the computer. Thus, a program has been specially created for the Malaysians inbound as well as outbound to minimize their headaches on the problem.

Welcome Malaysia’s first ever creation, ShoutOut - Malaysian Bloggers United. This project is the brainchild of two young Malaysians from Penang, Lasker and Elise. Having launched in April 2006, ShoutOut presently has over 62,000 shouts with an average of 140 shouts per day and it is gaining momentum real fast. Its shouters consist of some Malaysians staying abroad too.


  1. It is LIVE.
  2. User friendly and hassle free installation.
  3. Can be easily customized to suit your likings.
  4. Generated HTML coding can be placed anywhere in any blogs or websites of your choice.
  5. Gathers all Malaysian bloggers under one roof.
  6. Cute Butterfly and Panda icon for both male and female shouters when you reach certain shout level or rank.
  7. Easy to upload photograph with captions and show it LIVE.
  8. Everyone who has installed the program will see the chat LIVE in their site as well as in other sites which has this program. So you can chat while you blog hop.
  9. Get you connected to all the local and overseas Malaysians.
  10. Nice Smileys can be added into conversation.
  11. Easy track back of chats through the History folder based on time periods and dates.
  12. Fun facts about the shouters’ statistics
  13. News of what’s happening within the shouter members.
  14. News on what’s going on in Malaysia in What’s Next.
  15. Ability to still continue chatting when other IMs are down.

Presently, ShoutOut is still relying on word of mouth advertising and recommendation by its members. ShoutOut is a Non-Earning Website and joining is FREE. ShoutOut has future plans looking for advertisers. Why not join ShoutOut today and be part of the big family?


Lasker said...

Wah Criz Lai,
Kamsiah kamsiah for your animation and your kind words.

I find one interesting point about able to blog hop while shouting at the same time. Very good idea. Didn't know its the side effects of everyone adding ShoutOut :)

Way to go! Lets make ShoutOut, with nationwide coverage .. a reality!

Wuching said...

aiyo no need to shout so loud i'm not deaf!

benjipapa said...

Reli 'geng; la ur free advertising for shoutout!!! haha..hope many will join us soon..n get more sponsors to make more event for us to gather...

Elise said...

Thanks for the explanation and the animation :D

Shoutout rock!

Anonymous said...

nice graphic...
nice post...
everything is so detail...
good work...
keep it up...

everyone smeangat shoutout !!!
shoutout is da best !!!


miChi3 said...

hehe..nice 1!
i guess after people read ur post sure will add ShoutOut..=D

papajoneh said...

I think iread this post like 4 to 5 times... I still confused. Maybe my english understanding is below par. Criz can you explain again whats the different betweent this shoutout and the one im using right now the cbox. Thanks. Buzz or whatever needed, ok. :)
Interesting indeed. I for one will support you all. I probably the 1st Sabahan to use it later ;)

aL said...

shoutout rawks! totally!

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