Monday, 18 June 2007


It’s the durian season now and you can practically see those durian sellers squatting by the roadsides displaying different species of durians. There are many ways to open a durian. You can let the durian ripen by itself with a small crack at the base, and then you ply open with your bare hands. You can also use a small Swiss knife, a wooden spear-like stick, a crowbar or even a HAMMER? Gosh…what will they think of next?

I saw this photo in The Star newspaper today and decide to make a joke out of it. The photo is actually that of Jaja Stone, a participant vying for the Jakarta 480th Anniversary Strongman Competition which he indeed won it. He also succeeded in pulling a 50-seater bus 50 metres forward with his genitals. I thought he has a strong head but his other “head” is just as strong. Haha!


Ah Pek said...

hahaha.. i wanted to caption that fellow shouting some onsenities but was so lazy to open photoshop.

CRIZ LAI said...

AhPek : Like what? Pushed it in my hole? LOL

zewt said...

when he can open the durian with 'that' head... then i will say he is strong la.

pikey said...

OMG>.. u should put a video clip of that, kekekee

Rabbit said...

Tit tao kong? Keke!

conan_cat said...

wahlao, not pain one meh?? durian on head lagi... XD he manage to pen the durian anot hah?? @_o

and pulling a bus with his genitals. my gawd. i wonder how long can he go on bed with his gf.

Ken Xu said...

Huowww! Nice Kung-Fu, huh?? I wonder if his head is made of solid steel!!!
Nice and cool Picture! I've link to you!

Eugene said...

pull the bus with his genitals.. goodness gracious.. omg!

later didi patah how?

p/s : thanks bro for the constructive comments you've made in my latest entry. really, appreciate it a lot. cheers! :)

babyfiona said...

Wah! this way is so keng chau!

CRIZ LAI said...

zewt: LOL

pikey: What? Using his genitals to pull the bus? LOL

rabbit: yes iron head but which one are you talking about? :P

conan cat: That you need to ask his gf :P

ken xu: again which head are you talking about. LOL

eugene: you are welcome :)

baby fiona: Which way ar? hehehe :P

Sasha said...

omg. So mental la where got ppl open liulian like dat wan?

Bee said...

Wow that's amazing. Now I need to tell hubby that to show he's strong he has to put a durian on his head hehe.

Nicholas Chan said...

darn geng la. his head so hard. but i think he gila er, use his genital to pull the bus. wonder his genital must be very flexible. LOL. read the star for this article. ^^

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Wah CriZ! Looks like you! Hahahaha!!

Monster Mom said...

I missed duriann!!!!!
Can't wait to go back !

CRIZ LAI said...

sasha: only him lor. I don't even dare to try that stunt. Crazy ar?

bee: don't do that. You won't want him to end up in hospital will you?

nicholas: maybe he's the relative of Dr Richard Reed from F4 :P

nastasshea: where got? He is more tanned...haha

monster mom: hmmm...where are you now?

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