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I just knew this guy recently and he attached a link to his ghostly stories that happened in Sarawak itself. Maybe you guy would like to read more about the supernatural and the unexplained in his blog. I did write one article previously on my experience on ghost sightings but it ended up something else. Read about it here. I have also decided to dig out some of my original photographs to let you look into something that is beyond my explanations and may cause controversial remarks from scientist as well as readers.

Sometimes there maybe some paranormal anomaly in a photo, and there are always many scientific explanations to them. Some may conclude that it was due to radiation leaking, light filtering, light reflections, weather conditions, camera straps, minute hair stuck to the lens, dust, vapour or even bugs. Sometimes, unexplainable phenomenon just appeared in the photo and no one can figure out the cause of it. The truth is that until today, there are still no accurate answers to prove what is in a photo.

Photographs are one of the most popular things to hoax, especially when it comes to the supernatural and the unexplained. There are no ways to verify that a photo has not been tampered with before or after it has been taken, nor is there a way to prove that what you have taken is not of something out of this world.

Here are some of the photos taken during one of the holy trip to Myanmar. They may or may not contain a paranormal anomaly but whatever is in them, I will let you all decide yourselves.


There are many orbs appearing around the pagoda. What are these orbs? Vapour from the cold night’s air or some spiritual energy?


There are many orbs everywhere in this photo. Some are not clear, some are sharp, some even have colours. Are these dust particles or something else? There are many people who took this shot randomly using normal film-based as well as digital cameras. Not all of them experienced the same effects. Some have clear shots of the site. How do you explain this?


This photo was taken in bright day light on the exterior of a temple. Notice the bright orb in the middle? It is so bright. I have enlarged the spot larger below. What is this then? If you study carefully, there are many other smaller orbs within the photo.


Have you notice that the pattern of this orb is rather unique? It looks as if there is a small figure in the middle or a face.


This was taken in the lobby of Yuzana Hotel during the trip. What is the smoky thing flying about? There were no smokers around there then.


This shot was taken randomly in the compound of a hotel using a Sony digital camera. The smoky thing just appeared from the left of the photo. It was late at night and again there were no smokers around. Some said it looked like a tiger. Some said it looked like the Monkey God from the Journey to the West. What do you think then? Do you have any explanation for this phenomenon?

As I was saying, things do happen beyond our vivid eyes. But how do we explain things that are taken by a camera then? Camera cannot lie. Neither are the photograph takers who are wise and holy people. So there are still no concrete answers to what was taken during the trip. Do you know the truth about the photographs? Please do enlighten me with some serious explanations!


Bengbeng said...

the smoke u say was in lobby is similar to my experience in except in my state of consciousness it was much thicker, all enveloping. it is a miracle that pics of these nature can be taken

kayatan said...

Interesting !
Met a lot of similar situation in Sarawak too.
Don't want to write now cos it is 12midnite in the US :)

healy said...

These photos remind me of some pics that I took in one of the Church in Italy, it's worst than yours, you can see clearly that all the smoke were faces. Damn scary, so I deleted it on the spot! hehe.....

Bee said...

The first time I visited Notre Dame in Paris, a group of Taiwanese Taoist members were there, with a woman having the Taost dance (when she has god on her), wide open in front of all the tourists. They explained to us this trip is aimed to release the souls. Until this day I can't explain how these "Tiao Tang" thing happens. In my village, the guys can really put their body inside the wok with burning oils and came out not hurt.

janicepa said...

i tot there is a software called adobe photo shop geh ..

Wuching said...

u fox mulder kah? where's dana scully?

CRIZ LAI said...

bengbeng: it's scary too when you try to send for printing and the effects are like that. I tried to find my toyol photo at an accident site in my computer but it just disappeared... this is even scarier.

kayatan: I did this after midnight. See! my ahem are still intact :P

healy: you should not have deleted it. You should have send it to me. I'm always curious about the unexplained. :P

bee ean: as i was saying, certain things are best left not knowing in detail about them. As for the man in the wok, it's some sort of ritual that even we can do it if we know the way to get ourselves possessed by a spirit.

janicepa: try creating one with the software. You won't get the same effect.

wuching: X-files are outdated. Latest shows are Supernatural acted by Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles or The Ghost Whisperer acted and produced by Jennifer Love Hewitt :)

papajoneh said...

i have no explanation.. what more serious one but i do believe in this thing. My bro-in-law took a few shots using their digital camera during their students camp outing. Right in the middle of the night.. coz they have like a sing-a-thon thing. Lo and behold, right behind the students, like 5 figures also standing there!!! I wish i can get the shots to display to your all. It is really scary. Im not kidding.
and oh ya, they were camping at the school field just nearby the christians cemetery. The school name is St. Anthony's primary school.

CRIZ LAI said...

papajoneh: come on...send send send the photo. I would love to see it but don't send during midnight ok? :P

Aaron Chua said...

eh I also wanna see papajoneh's photo. lol~

CRIZ LAI said...

aaron: so would i :)

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