Thursday, 21 June 2007


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There is actually no right or wrong answers to my previous post on Picture to Ponder: Dog vs Beggar. Different people think differently and react differently to a situation or a problem. The post was to test on the maturity, thinking power, level of understanding and personality of a person.

Through the simple pictorial post and through many other articles that I have posted earlier, I have found out that there are many types of people in the blogosphere. Basically, they can be broken down into different categories.

Extraverts: They tend to be naturally active people and full with expressions. They are very sociable and are interested in many things outside of themselves.

Introverts: These are the opposite of extraverts, which makes them more reserved and vary about the world outside them. They have in depth knowledge and focused well in everything they perform. They are a group of low profile people.

COMMANDOS: I talk, you listen. You retaliate, I kill you. These are the group of people who has influences over their followers due to their loud voices and authority to terminate whoever that goes against them. Most people would not step on their tails in order to survive for a longer period of time in the blogosphere.

FOLLOWERS: These people are not decision makers. They tend to follow what others say and do without having their own stand or mind in evaluating any situations or problems. Their actions will prolong their survival in the blogosphere.

Judgers: They are a bunch of structured and organized group of people. Judgers are very productive in decision making and settle things or situation within the quickest possible time.

Perceivers: They are good learners in gaining as much experiences and knowledge as they could. Perceivers are a group of flexible and adaptive people. They always keep their options open to learn up more things. In short, they are always curious about just anything within or outside the blogosphere.

LOVERS: They practically love everything that they see through their eyes. Lovers are people who are filled with love, passion and compassion. They treat everything that either has senses or move about as living things. They are environmentalists who love to see things as they should be.

KILLERS: They elicit chills and horror in the lives of others. They take cruelty and brutality as part and parcel of their lives. They are very temperamental and have unpredictable mood swings.

Thinkers: They see, they think, they write. Thinkers are analytical people who make decisions based on sensibility and logical points. They will comment based on logical reasoning.

Feelers: This sensitive and empathetic group of people believes in choices and personal values. They are the “make peace, no war” people who are constantly in search of harmony amongst bloggers. They tend to sit on the fence in any disputes.

Conscientious: They set targets in their life and aim to be the best in their own field. They are a bunch of self discipline, hardworking people who will eventually become professional bloggers.

Neurotics: This group of people tends to have emotional instability. Neurotics are always not satisfied about their lives or people surrounding them. Anger, anxiety and depression are their daily dose of expressions.

Sensors: They are practical and literal people. They apply their past experiences and common sense to face the realities of the world surrounding them in their comments.

ARTISEs: They belong to an imaginative and creative group of people. They will foster any relationships in order to make names for themselves.

ASSHOLES: They are people who like to apply the concept of “what they see is what they get and how it is supposed to be”. They like to judge a book by its cover without studying in depth the actual contents. These are the people who like to assume things and situations in their lives.

KIASIS: They are people who have problems in their lives but tend to pretend as if nothing has ever happened. They try to avoid the actual situation or problem and come out with weird excuses rather than facing the situation or problem directly.

KIASUS: They are wanderers with an intention. They like to spy on others’ successful achievements to ensure that they do not lose out to them. They usually do not leave any comments or set hyperlink to the visited blogs.

COPYCATS: This group has the habit of copying other people’s original articles and post as their own. They are most hated by all bloggers.

These are the few categories of people I have encountered since started blogging not long ago. Do you have any other examples which you would like to share? Please do leave a comment here.

Disclaimer: The article was written solely based on the observation of the author. No part or parts of it is targeted at any individual or groups in the blogosphere.


Wuching said...

so did i pass with flying kaler or fail kau kau!

janicepa said...

ya wor ?? wei .. u din tell which answer falls in which category ler... how m i supposed to know.. which type m i jek ?? hmmm...

kuanhoong said...

There is one more : LAZY

Lazy to type long comment. Just keep it simple and short.

Hey, like this comment here. :P

Eugene said...

hi criz! your entries are great. really enjoy reading them.. and especially the comments. hehe.


piggy said...

Everybody just doesn't fall into one particular category. A single person can fall into a few of those categories based on their answer, right? I can definitely identify myself with the characteristics of the various categories. :)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
CRIZ LAI said...

wuching & janicepa: tick as many answers as you want from the above 18 quotes. Check your ratio between the positive and the negative and then you will know your answer.

kuanhoong: laziness is not an excuse

eugene: thanks for supporting

piggy: as commented for wuching & janicepa

deleted comment aka anonymous: it's up to who you believe. I stand firm on my claim. This is not the first time I have written on the post you have commented in. Do visit more if you have more comments. Have a nice day!

the philosphical bastard said...

i think i border the lower half of this list beginning with neurotic.

babyfiona said...

hehe, i like the copycat one! hate them kau kau!

papajoneh said...

I'm a lover not a fighter... i can say... hahaha....
Criz, I just wanna add here, You deserved another free advertisement from me... but if I do that again, you probably will not like it and others' may think differently on us. So I just say it, you rock Criz. Your post, all posts from you deserve to be quoted by everyone from their blog s or websites. Even just like the previous post, so simple yet, you made us all think. For that, I thank you. We need this kind of .. what do you call it, Awakening, to realize about ourselves, our surrounding our neigbours. .. see I told u. Even this comment suitable to be published as a post. :D Sorry, long reply again.

pikey said...

erm.. means after that comment in the previous post... which category am i in?

kayatan said...

Cikgu Criz,
U really is a cikgu :)-

janicepa said...

errr.. i still dun understand ler.. but nevermind lah ..

Aaron Chua said...

Copycats can be sued lol~
By the way, I didn't think "ASSHOLES" would be in the list. Hahaha~ And personally, I think Kiasus are the real losers.

CRIZ LAI said...

the philosophical bastard: that really your result?

babyfiona: meow :P

papajoneh: cool a lover :) u should go to to post your love story there...hehe

pikey: did you read my comment in that post?

kayatan: in hokkien it means sit on a bull. I ain't a farmer ok? :P

janicepa: :P

aaron: why can't ASSHOLES be categorized? :P

Ah Bong said...

hey Criz, your comment and mine has received feedback from a reader in US :) . interesting feedback :) come over and read. hope your bloggers' meet went well

Sweetpea said...

am too much of a 'sensors' and therefore i am now one of the 'kiasis'...

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