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There’s never a right or a wrong solution in marketing because whichever methods you try, it’s always the responsibility of a marketer to have the right attitude, commitment, determination, dedication and discipline to make anything impossible becomes possible. With these qualities, you can practically market combs to bald monks in the monasteries or even shoes to the bare footed Africans in the jungle. That’s where the expertise of Event Marketing Companies would be much needed to ensure the success of making a brand known and excel on the market. 

So what are the differences between normal marketing strategies versus experiential marketing? If you have a mammoth amount of money in your marketing budget, you can practically spend freely on any strategy that might help in marketing your goods or services. However, all your planned strategies might not necessarily ascertain that your goods or services will gain the acceptance of the end users at all times. That’s the reason why some Event Marketing Companies would rather focus on the experiential marketing approach where smaller 2-ways interactive events are held occasionally to gather feedback from end users in order to further improve the goods or services to better acceptance levels. In summary, experiential events are at a more personal level, relatively low cost compared to the vast amount of money spent on mass media campaigns and result oriented in gaining the trust and confidence of end users towards your goods or services. 

As time passes by, more and more Event Marketing personnel are using this experiential marking approach in strengthening the long term relationships between each designated brand and end users. By constantly creating awareness of their goods or services at a personal level, it’s another great way to increase sales and at the same time a step further towards their business goals. By creating an endless stream of loyal end users, eventually the returns on investment (ROI) will also increase even more.

 There are a lot of Event Marketing Companies out there who could help your company to move up ladder of success for your goods or services. You can see products here which offer various services such as Experiential Marketing, Event Marketing, Event Marketing Technology, Product Sampling, Sponsorship Activation, Sponsorship Sourcing, Mobile Marketing Tours, Guerilla Marketing/Street Teams, Credit Card Acquisition, Information & Data Capture, Photo Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Bluetooth Marketing, Greeter/Hospitality Services, Demonstrations/Stunts, Distribution, Alternative Media, College Postering, Branded Premiums, Direct Response and more. 

Coming back to the question on how a marketing person could still promote combs to the monks as they were all bald, I’m sure most of you would still like to know that answer right? It’s not a matter of the “need to use” by the end users but on how you could create a “want to have”, even though it may sound quite impossible. Instead of spending long hours selling those combs to the junior monks, the marketing personnel went directly to the chief abbot who’s the decision maker on all purchases of goods or services. “Reverend, wouldn't it be good if you could give your devotees a comb with your imprinted name on it to show your appreciation for their endless support?” Eventually, the marketing personnel sold thousands of combs to the monastery, annually and shot up to the top management level within the shortest period in the history of the company! 

The moral behind the story: If you have the right attitude to think outside of the box in your approaches in your daily life, success won’t be far away.

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