Monday, 31 March 2008



I have been hearing numerous dissatisfactions amongst my friends that they have encountered many problems with their web hosting companies. They faced problems such as slow loading of their websites, websites not found and some even got hacked by some expert website hijackers. The worst thing is that they could not even get the web hosting companies to give them fast and reliable supports. This should not happen at all. A good web hosting company will never ever let its clients down. They should at least inform their clients on the upgrading period and will never fail to have a backup system in case the worst happen.

There are many web hosting companies around but who are those reliable ones that will give you quality hosting and support? According to Kaushal Sheth’s guide to the best web hosting sites, he recommended three web hosting companies that he had done detailed surveys and reviews on them. They are Host Monster, Host Gator and none other than the reputable Yahoo Host. Do check out on them as these companies do provide competitive rates to your preferences.


By the way, Kaushal Sheth also has some beautiful templates that you might want to use to freshen up your website outlook. Who knows with a fresher look, you might generate more traffic to you websites?

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katztales said...

Jacob Liew at hosts our site. He's reliable, competitively prices and close by: Kuching. Been his customer for 12 years and have never regretted it.

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