Thursday, 28 February 2008


I went to a Chinese New Year Street Party in Penang recently and managed to shoot some unexplained shots. There were flying orbs almost everywhere. Most of them are in blur white light forms but you can also see some in pinkish or bluish in some of the photos. I have checked with some of the experts and some said it was due to dust or bugs but are they the real answers to the mysterious flying orbs? Some of my reader even said those are deities or ghosts. Maybe you can give me your point of view (you can click on the 3 photos below to view a larger photo).




These 3 photos are real mysterious. I took few more shots few steps later and at other dimmer areas but those orbs disappeared. You can see the normal shots below.






Ji Yuan said...

i also taken these kind of orbs before but it was only 1 orb. urs so many...ur camera lens a bit dirty la and at that amount of lighting,those orbs arised lo?

Bell said...

They could be deities or spirits... but most probably it's due to the crowd making the surroundings dusty and that you're using flash. Then the other photos turned out looking more normal because they are in closer spaces. As much as I'm fascinated by mysteries and paranormal... I don't particularly like to think they hang out around us in such great numbers as in your photos :P Interesting thing to ponder though eh?

yipguseng said...

ah, at first i tot those were oil :O

napaboaniya said...

A case of paranormal activities?!?!
Or or or or.....................YOUR LENS DIRTY!!!!! lol

eddy said...

mysterious indeed...haha
dun scare me...
anyways, you mind to xchange links criz? let me know if u have added me thanks

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