Thursday, 17 January 2008


Do you think drug is essential to the human body other than for therapeutic and medical effect? Do you think taking a psychoactive drug or performance enhancing drug is justified in order to satisfy a person’s pleasure to be vulgar or to be more courageous? Even with the wide public awareness on the danger of abusing drugs, there are still about 5% of the world population consuming illicit drugs per annum. This is one of the worst items ever created by human which is highly being abused.

Why is it that a person consume drug? It is because that the chemical substance within a drug altered the brain function allowing the mood, behavior, and consciousness of a person to look at situations in a different perspective. In a long run a person will be addicted to the drug and thus refused to get out from that artificial pleasure they are experiencing. With the euphoric effects of drugs, most drug addicts will lose their senses along with the abuse usages of these stimulants, analgesics, hypnotics and hallucinogens contained drugs.

With the alarming figure of addicts coming from the teenage group, you can see many countries setting up at least a drug treatment center to educate youngsters and at the same time eradicate the root problem of the abuse. There are many steps performed by these drug rehab centers in their short and long term programs such as detoxification and withdrawal, self control and communication exercises, sauna cleansing process, study improvement and drug free remedies for discomforts.

Other than the drug abuse problem, there is another addiction which has caused much concern among the public. It is alcoholism. Even though the sales of alcohol are legal in many countries, many drinkers did not moderate their consumptions and inadvertently became drunkards. Thus, they could not stop themselves from drinking even more. There are also alcoholism rehab centers to help these alcoholics set their lives back to the right tracks.

Addiction expelled the mind to think rationally. It drowned memories, defaced the brain, diminished a person’s strength and caused many incurable wounds. It is a witch to the body, a devil to the mind, a thief to the pocket and a self murderer to a person’s health. There is nothing great about being addicted to anything except for the physical and moral degradation of a person.

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