Friday, 18 January 2008



Yup… I must admit that I have lack the exercise to trim down that excess weight of mine. What can I do when I was born and bred in the land of endless yummy hawker food? Each time when I have the nagging urge to start exercising, I ended up stumbling onto my comfy chair in front of my computer busy working on my so-called projects. Those projects do not have much urgency to be completed immediately but somehow I could not get myself up from my chair. In the end, I ended up talking to myself, “What the heck? I’ll start tomorrow!” Isn’t this the same scenario most of us faced when we were to start on any fitness programs?

Thinking back on what I would be today if I were to be seriously motivated to get rid of those fat, I asked myself, “Why do I lack the enthusiasm then?” Is it really that difficult for me to kick my butt to start exercising? Maybe I am a workaholic but that is not a good excuse. No companion to go along so that it would not be boring? Well, if I could only have the initiative then to give someone a call which I never did. I would think it is the dreadful hours spent, soaked in sweat, tiring every muscle in the body and turning me into a whimpering and exhausted weakling towards the end of the day.

There were many types of exercises that I could have done earlier. When it came to going to gym, I would complain that the club membership would be too expensive and I hated lifting weights. When it was about jogging, I would say that it is too early to wake up, too hot to get my skin burned, ankle not working well and it will further worsen the condition. As for swimming, it was the usual hot or cold weather impact on the body. Even skipping a rope in the house has many illogical reasoning as not to break the household items and so on. Everything is just mere excuses for not wanting to do what most of us dislike – exercise.

Later, I had the typical idea of slimming down through diets. Initially, everything went on smoothly until the temptation of all the delicious food crept their way unconsciously into my dreams. Temptation overruled the determination to get a slim and fit body. Days after days of postponing the diet programs ended up to years of ignorance. In the end, all turned into laziness, laziness and more laziness. Workouts were replaced with endless eat-outs.

Well, there is still tomorrow as I would always tell myself. But it will never be a reality as tomorrow will never come as it will be replaced by today. Hmmm… I think I better start exercising more today with my unimpressive blood test results. I might drop dead if no strict diets and exercising are done as precautious measures now. You would not want to end up like me, would you? Put on your best sweat shirt and flush your RAM chip down the toilet bowl now. By the way, why are you still reading this? You should be exercising now! Haha… caught you there!

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Bell said...

Yerr!!! You told me to come read your post and then scold the reader for reading! LoL

I do some low impact exercises at home but I'm waiting for a clear sunny day so I can go hill climbing again. Why wait? Cos I don't want to fall over in the muddy slopes. There's no cement/asphalt walkways... all nature 100%. Looking forward to being back in touch with nature definitely.

Keep fit! Ganbateh! Stair Climbing is excellent for Cardio, cos each person is working out exactly as much as the need... resistance accomplished by lifting your own weight. ^_^

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