Tuesday, 8 January 2008



Some of you might be curious to find out how my 2 Js + 3 Js are getting on. The parents Jonathan and Jessica are doing fine now. Jonathan has been sleeping most of the time as most of the attentions were on the triplets now. I guessed he must have felt left out of all the actions. Jessica on the other hand is still restless at the slightest purr from the kitties. She is doing fine being a responsible mother, feeding the triplets on time. However, I have to keep some watchful eyes over the 2 big Js’ actions before I ran out of Js to name more of their siblings. Do you know that female cats can produce every 3 months? Sweat~~!!


Well, Janice was the first one to have her eyes open at 4 days old. It was not a surprise for me as she was the first one to be born into my family. She is one fine poser-to-be as she even poses while drinking milk. The next in line would be Jayson, the biggest of them all. Surprisingly, his eyes are still tightly shut. I hope that he will open them soon to compliment with the smoothest fur I have ever touched. Now come to the youngest and the cheekiest, Justin. His eyes were opened only early this morning. You know what? I love his pathetic looking eyes staring at me and fiddling with my fingers whenever he could.


Lasker said...

So ... cute!
You should have seen mine ..
its Quadruplet .. and they can already climb stairs already .. wheeeeeeee

Bell said...

hehe... Justin's sad sad eyes... cute la...

Misty Dawn said...

They are SO SO cute!

ad said...

cute little kids!!

Andrée said...

I remember how the stepfather of my kittens was so good to them. He babysat when mom had to leave the nest. He counted them every day. He was born to be a dad!

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