Tuesday, 8 January 2008



I did not know about the seriousness of sleep deprivation and insomnia until I read in an article that 25% of people suffer from it. Even though I do not suffer from this, I felt pity for those insomniacs. Can you imagine nights after nights of staring at the ceiling trying to get to sleep but the inability to do so? Even shuffling on the bed, reading a long boring book or endless watching of TV dramas would not get the person to sleep. How miserable it is to get into this stage?

What really causes sleep deprivation and insomnia? There are many factors which include anxiety, stress, depression, too much of caffeine, alcohol or even smoking (nicotine). No matter how an insomniac tried to get his mind preoccupied with getting more sleep, he will end up more frustrated, thus getting himself into more depression.

Some say that there is no cure to sleep deprivation and insomnia unless the person consumes sleeping pills. Too much of the pills will be bad for the body. I found out about a secret discovered by a German research scientist in 1839 which can help in curing insomnia. It is some "binaural beats" with special tones that can influence the mind. These tones or noise frequencies can make the mind feel more alert, refreshed and alive.

What a great insomnia help this is! I do hope that through this discovery, more people can have better quality sleep than ever. For more information on how to obtain the CD, please do visit http://www.sleep-deprivation-cd.com/

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