Tuesday, 8 January 2008



There are many health issues that both men and women would avoid discussing in public as they have the phobia of ending up as laughing stocks amongst their friends. Why would anyone want their lips sealed on such issues? Sex life issues are not big deals when there are relevant professions out there to help you pull through.

One of the most sensitive issues which fall upon men as they are afraid of losing their machismo in front of the women is impotency. Due to the modern lifestyles and job stresses, many men have somehow or other overly consume alcohol and drugs, smoke and eat extensively, resulting in overweight, lack of fitness and having bad diets. Thus, quite a handful will eventually have sexual function problems in the later part of their lives.

Most men are busy to get out from their heavy working schedule for a visit to the GP and thus taking no heed at all in their sex lives. That is why 21menhealth.com was set up for this purpose. They have the best possible information and advice as your GP would provide to assist you to pull through the trauma. They even recommended viagra but advised users to put in their best efforts to boost up their sexual lives by natural means such as getting the proper nutrition, having regular exercises and taking certain supplements.

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Oleksandr said...

I am a doctor and would like to note that only natural means can provide stable & long-term effect.

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