Monday, 7 January 2008



Staying with a bunch of housemates with hair problems can be such a headache. Can you imagine sweeping the floor daily and yet you still get hair flying out from nowhere? What about the bathroom? I can practically see hair scattered all over the floor when I wanted to take a bath. The sink area where everyone utilized to comb their hair was not spared either.

What really causes hair loss? Through survey by professionals, there are many reasons behind the problem. Some of the reasons are due to stress from illness, hormonal, pregnancy, wrong dosage of medication, cheap shampoo or even fungal infections. No matter what reason it may be, it is wise to find the right solution to hair losses without much delay.

Nowadays, with the modern lifestyle, some of us tend to blow dry our hair frequently to have that sophisticated and uptrend look. On top of that, some might even bleach and highlight their hair to blend in with the latest hair fashion world. Thus, the oils that protect the hair are constantly lost. This is when you will need to have hair vitamin to promote healthier hair growth and to keep your hair looking fuller, flourishing and vibrant.

I personally do not have the problem of hair loss. Thanks to the constant usage of the products from Help Hair. Their shampoo and conditioner really work well for me. Not only did it smooth my hair, it also gives my hair the needed weight by restoring the oils stripped by hair colorants, excessive shampooing and blow drying. Moreover, their hair scalp treatment which contains 5% Minoxidil has stimulated better and healthier hair growth for me. They even have a milder 2% Minoxidil scalp treatment products for women.

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Bell said...

My sister did her course in hair dressing. Did you know that an average person loses over 100 hairs a day just like that? That's not including showering and brushing out nasty tangles either. Imagine how quickly your hair needs to grow to keep up with that kind of hair loss that's NORMAL! Whoa....

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