Wednesday, 5 December 2007



Yuck! What are you guys doing in my bedroom, bathroom, hall and kitchen? I hate it when you guys play hide and seek with me. You can hide but your trails won’t hide you for long. Who or what were I talking about? It is none other than those disgusting eight legged spiders. I have just cleared up all the cobwebs in the house with broomsticks not long ago. Within a few weeks, they are back for yet another invasion.

I would have been more stressed with this pest problem if I had not purchase the Dyson vacuum cleaner. It does wonders for me. Not only did the vacuum cleaner gotten rid of the root of my pest problem, it also left my home sparkling clean within few minutes. It has been tested and proven by many for its effectiveness and its state-of-the-art technology. The good news is, it is affordable and has a 5-years warranty on all parts.

You can also have an option for the three different ranges of Dyson vacuum cleaners which are Uprights, Cylinders and Handhelds. If these are not challenging enough for you, you can always have a new experience with the extra Dyson parts for the vacuum of your choice. Ability to stretch and bend for wiping off hard to reach spaces, clearing the dust from your bed, sweeping away the hard core dust, are some of the wonders the extras of Dyson vacuum cleaner can do for you.

My house is spider webs free now. Thanks to Dyson vacuum cleaner for making my life easier and less stressful. You sure did not disappoint me!

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Annabel said...

Sure spider webs are a nuisance and very much unsightly... ridding your house of spiders that have made themselves at home is one thing... but what would you think of a house that naturally has NO spiders at all? I can't remember entirely where I heard this rumour from, but it goes something like... if it is a house where even spiders refuse to live, there is probably something terribly wrong with that house...

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