Wednesday, 5 December 2007



Why is our life like a caterpillar? It is simply because the life of a caterpillar is unpredictable and can be at stake any time along the way. It hatched from an egg to become a caterpillar. Then it spun itself into a cocoon. Finally, it bloomed into a beautiful butterfly.

In the process of growing up, it has to learn how to defend itself from external threats such as attack by the cold and humid weather, human, animals, or birds. If it survived these threats then it will get the chance to spin itself into a cocoon. Again, the whole cycle of threats continues. By this time, it is up to itself to be smarter in camouflaging itself in cooler and hidden shades. If it is lucky enough, it will be freed from its cocoon and has the freedom of flying around its newly found sanctuary.

But, threats will never withdraw from its life. Freeing itself from ground threats does not mean that it will be free from the mouth of another bird in the sky. That is the life of a caterpillar. With merely a few days of life as a grownup, it has to face the many challenges of life.

As a human, we are many folds better than a caterpillar. At least we have the brains to pause, to think, to process and to react but we still live our lives foolishly without considering the amount of time wasted on worrying unnecessarily. We worry too much about next year, five years down the road, trying to foresee our future without fully living up to this very day.

What is that something that make our lives better? It is not the material acquisitions but the quality of our lives. How we are living today may determine how quality we wished our lives to be, mentally, physically and spiritually. These in turn will give rise to the new values in our lives. We may have enjoyed many benefits in the process but it is more important for us to have a peaceful life quality. Life is sacred and must be properly guided. It must be cherished and fostered, or else it will just go astray in the progress and thus be shortened.

Not knowing the real nature of life, we tend to live life without experiencing any disappointments and changes. But life is changeable. It is a bundle of elements and energies, which are forever changing and may not be to our satisfaction. Appreciate life not only yours but the lives of many other living creatures.

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JonehRC said...

nicely said there friend. For me, Life is short but I do wish I live forever.. yes I do wish like that. In addition, I believe we have to enjoy our life whether it's bad or good. It is the journey that is important. We all know we gonna die sooner or later but either we have enjoyed it or not, that's every individual life.

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