Tuesday, 18 December 2007



I felt in love with Kuching.
The stray cat just came towards me,
And rubbed his back onto my shins.
How many cats would do that to a total stranger?
He was skinny and purring with hunger for food.
I had none.
Out of compassion,
I walked into a convenience shop,
And got him a can of tuna and some clean water.
As I was moving away,
He turned towards me with that wet looking eyes.
And guessed what?
I saw him blinking his eyes
As if he was thanking me for my actions.

As I was walking down the road,
I heard a meow under a car.
Bending down and searching for the source of the sound,
I saw another cat,
Fatter than the last one.
The stray cat saw me,
And came rushing towards me.
Gosh, she was pregnant.
From the look of her nose,
I can sense the thirst in her.
Again I walked into another convenience shop,
This time with a Styrofoam bowl,
And a packet of box milk.
Seeing the milk in the bowl,
She gobbled down every single drip of it.
As I got up to continue my journey,
She came towards my legs,
With a purr of Thank you.

Compassion towards anyone or anything will somehow make a person happier. Everyone and any living creatures would want love unconditionally. This is why I loved Kuching so much. Kuching, a city that life is moving at a slow pace, where you will find peace at anywhere you go. With plentiful of greeneries and hospitable residents, no wonder even cats are friendly too.

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