Tuesday, 18 December 2007



Time has changed, needs has changed. With the advancement in the telecommunication technology, now we can watch TV, surf the internet and chat through the phone using only one line. Welcome to the world of broadband, an entertainment world that never sleep where speed and convenience rule.

BT Total Broadband is one such a reliable broadband service provider which offers quality internet connection from as low as £8.95 per month. You can imagine how fast and smooth your job will be done with a speed more than a hundred times the speed of a standard dial-up connection.

There are 3 options available to suit your needs. The basic package with a standard wired router will provide you with 250 minutes of wifi monthly usage which can be upgraded to BT Home Hub with a one time off payment. On the other hand, BT Home Hub will provide you with 350 minutes of wifi monthly usage. If you are an advance user who uses the internet a lot, you can opt for the Wireless BT Home Hub with BT Hub phone package which will provide you with unlimited hours of wifi usage. For more detailed information, do log in the BT Total Broadband website and order it right away.

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