Sunday, 9 December 2007



Since the invention of the first commercially practical incandescent lamp by Thomas Edison in the 1880s, the lighting industry had progress remarkably with more and more version of lamps being created. With this technological advancement, incandescent lamps or commonly known as light bulbs, are now brighter, long lasting and consume less electricity.

One of the few latest introductions in the market is the High Intensity Discharge lamps. Also known as the HID lamps, they are known to be consuming electricity as low as 35W. They can emit comfortable bright white light which can last as long as 3000 hours. These HID lamps are 300% brighter than any of the lamps available in the market place.

The HID lighting system is so reliable that some of the world known automobile brand are using the HID lamps for their new vehicle models. Some of the more common usage includes magnetic control lights, military spotlights, black and white Golight, Magnalight spotlights, boat spotlights, hazard spotlights, car head lamps, and so on. There are just too many to mention here but history has proven that more and more sectors are using this HID lighting system. So what about you? Are you planning to switch over to HID lights in the near future? Think about it as they are so cost effective.

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