Friday, 7 December 2007



Do you realize that whatever happened in the world we are living in, are somehow inter-related? This world has many flaws and imbalances. The rich gets richer while the poor gets poorer. If the rich were to feed every single poor man, there will be no end to the beggar problem in our world as every poor man will be just too lazy to find a decent job to feed his ever hungry tummy. If the rich refuses to feed the poor, then there will be endless starvation related problems in our world. This is just unfair and nothing is fair in this world. There will be endless chain reactions in this supposed grand life design.

When there is GREED, there will be LAZINESS.
When there is LAZINESS, there will be POVERTY.
When there is POVERTY, there will be HUNGER.
When there is HUNGER, there will be STEALING.
When there is STEALING, there will be KILLING.
Subsequently to cover the truth, there will be LYING.

The list will go on and on with an unending loop. Life will become shorter and shorter each day due to the increasing threats in the world. Man will become meaner and meaner as life is no longer meaningful to them. Man becomes animal-like with no sense of direction in life. Unless there is the willingness to CHANGE or steps taken to instill MORALITY into the mind of the new generation, there would be a day when there will no longer be any LOVE, PEACE and GRATITUDE in anyone in this world.

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Annabel said...

The new generation is indeed ( in general) a greedy, lazy, lying one. Such a shame when there is so much advance in technology and wellbeing and yet no one is appreciating it as they should. We live in a thankless world...

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