Thursday, 22 November 2007



I am having an associate membership for this club and a life membership for that club and I am getting sick of paying yearly subscriptions and yet do not have much time to enjoy the facilities in them. Most of my time was spent in front of the computer to accommodate to my overseas clients’ requests and orders. Sometimes, it does get a bit boring while waiting for my clients’ responses with the vast difference in world time.

I do browse the web a lot for researches and do some downloading of movies but after a while it gets too monotonous and too routine. The whole atmosphere felt dead as the only sound I can hear was from my own breathing and the clicking of my keyboard. I need someone to chat to but who would want to go out with at 3am just for a cup of coffee? It sounded so ridiculous.

“Ding dong….,” came an incoming alert in my email. “Ah! That must be one of my clients responding to my quotations.” I thought. To my surprise, I received an invitation by my friend to join WireClub, an online club which I need not have to pay for any subscriptions or joining fees. Wow! That sounded so interesting.

Without fail, I click on the web link and was brought into an awesome webpage. By joining WireClub, I will get to chat with so many people in so many different chat rooms from all over the world. There are also a dating site, an online friend site, an interest club, a free blog site and also a cool photo album for me to share all my photography works.

WireClub organized clubs into a few categories and I can even create smaller clubs within each and every of the category. I can join whichever clubs available and chat with the members there in the built-in club chat room. What a wonderful way to do my job and at the same time chat with a few online friends, all in the comfort of my home. I have just signed up and why don’t you try signing up too? You may not know how many interesting friends you might get to know today.

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