Thursday, 22 November 2007



Jingle bells, sunset bells or Annabel? Haha… this is just a joke for my Switzerland friend. Anyway, this plant is called Chrysothemis Pulchella and belongs to the Gesneriaceae family. Some people call it the Black Flamingo or Sunset Bells. It has a little resemblance to the African Violet but a bit larger in size. It may grow to approximately 2 feet tall and bushy-like.

This lovely plant originated from the West Indies with lovely bronzy-brown foliage so glossy that you will just want to give it the occasional wipe to keep it that way. The buttercup-yellow flowers are backed by long, persistent and ornamental, conspicuous, flower-like, bright orange-red calyces. It does not like strong and direct sun. It does better in areas away from sprinkler heads so go easy on the water. It does indeed look like an orange bell with yellow flowers shooting out in the middle.


Miss Piggy Lass said...

wow!! that's gorgeous!though am a bit weird for a female, i don't go gaga over flowers but this is simply beautiful!! Nice pic....did u take it on ur own?

Bell said...

Hoi!!! why me?! Haha!!! nvm nvm! I'm honored to be in a "flowers" post! Preeti... and I love orange and Yellow flowers! ^_^

cc said...

What an unique plant! The yellow flowers coming out from the middle seem to be a bit weird though. ;)

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