Thursday, 15 November 2007



Halloween has just passed and Thanksgiving will be here soon. Before you realized about it, Christmas and New Year celebrations will be next. We indeed have so many celebrations and countless of parties that we hold annually. Sooner or later, we will end up with storage problems in our refrigerator. Would you go for the traditional way to stock your party food in boxes of containers and take up all your storage space or would you go for reclosable zip-lock plastic bags that will still maintain the freshness of your food? For me, I opt for the different sizes of plastic bags easily available in the market.

International Plastics is one such fine manufacturer of polyethylene film and Plastic Bags in the market. Other than the reclosable zip-lock plastic bags, they also have other products such as customized plastic bags, tubing & film, sealers & closures, retail packaging, boxes & mailers, cushioning, labels, tapes & adhesives, marking & stenciling, shipping and warehouse supplies.

I will be assisting in a product launch not long from now and I will be glad to appoint them to come up with beautiful merchandise shopping bags for me. Who knows? My client might also choose some from their 600 common sizes and styles of plastic bags they have in stock.

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