Thursday, 1 November 2007



Many people are lonely inside
And they do need a friend
Some have plenty to spare
While others have merely a handful
If you only count only the true ones
You may end up with none.

Good friends are hard to come by
For many are really selfish within
Materialism, greed and defilements
Have made many lost in disillusionments
They are always around you if you can see
Only the mind can let you understand who you should be

We do not need to have many friends
Having one good one is good enough
You need not spend too much time together
To lighten each others’ woes
As simple caring and sharing
Is all I ever ask from you ever more!

1 comment:

Bell said...

A dog's love is unconditional and eternal... as long as u have food! LoL. How ironic! But seriously, even if u beat your dog, he/she will still love you... isn't it sad?

Sweet poem Criz. May you be blessed with good loyal friends.

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