Thursday, 29 November 2007



Christmas is just barely a month away from now and getting gifts have always been a headache for me. I am planning to get some nice gifts to surprise my parents this year. I was searching high and low through the internet trying to find something ideal for them when I came across CouponChief. I was amazed by the amount of discount coupons offered there to cater for so many different needs. I can save quite a lot there too.

I then saw some beautiful Shopbop handbags which will be ideal for my Mum. It would be nice for her to take along during dinners. Since my Dad loves sport wear so much, a polo shirt from Puma will sure suit him well. He can wear it out during his sporting events. I also saw I can get $100 off for the Sony Alpha 10.2MP SLR digital camera which I have been yearning for so long. It is a good deal that I surely would not miss. What I like is that they will deliver all the items up to my doorstep without any shipping charges.

Wow! What a great way to save with CouponChief. I can now confidently search for discount coupons for other items if any birthdays, anniversaries or housewarmings do pop up.

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