Friday, 9 November 2007



I have always dreamt of going to Disneyland for a long vacation but time and workload have been stalling me for some time. Before I even realized it, I have accumulated so many days of unutilized leaves. According to my company’s policies, all leaves will be forfeited by the end of the third year of carrying forward. It will be a waste if I just let it get forfeited without any compensation.

I guessed it should be time for me to take that long vacation. My friend who is also keen to accompany me to Disneyland told me that she has gotten a great discount on accommodations. The deals on hotels in orlando will save us quite a lot. Just imagine we can pay as low as $49 a night for a place to stay in and save the rest for more fun in Disneyland.

Disneyland - here I come!

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Bell said...

Yeee!!! Disneyland!!! That's every child's dream! And if you didn't get to go when you were young, then it carrys on to being every grown up's dream!! Haha!! So when are you jetting off to Disneyland? Hope you have fun!

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