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Calvin was taking his son out for a regular weekend outing. Suddenly he heard his son saying, “Phew…it is a hot day Daddy. I want a drink?” What will be his first reaction when he heard his child nagging you for a gassy soft drink? “Wait son, I’ll get you a Coke.” Isn’t that what a typical father will do?

Halfway through the walk to their destination, they passed by a candy store. “Daddy, I want that mint candy!” Again for a father who loved his son very much, Calvin walked into the store and purchased a mini tube of Mentos candy.

The boy was jumping happily enjoying his candy as well as drinking the Coke which his Daddy bought for him. Suddenly, the boy just collapsed and brown foam could be seen spurring out from his mouth. He was pronounced dead upon arrival at the nearest hospital.

Children do love fizzy soft drinks, especially Coca-Cola (Coke) since it is so widely publicized. On the other hand, Mentos is also another popular candy amongst children. Sometimes, some beverages were not meant to be mixed together. Coke was blamed for this unforeseen mishap. Who knows what other reactions will some other fizzy soft drinks cause? I won’t want to try too as I am not a fizzy drink enthusiast. Life is precious to me as I have yet to fulfill my dreams.

Parents should be cautious of what they give to their children. To be on a safe side, try to abstain from providing fizzy soft drink by giving the child fruit juices or drinking water instead. You might help yourself from unnecessary guilt and trauma later on.

Below are photographs of the shocking findings by a group of people:




azmeen said...

I'm trying to refrain from posting negatively, but this story you just posted here is a total sham.

Sure Coke and Mentos in combination, are known to cause a chemical reaction. However, it is not going to kill you. This guy survived.

At most, you'll vomit your guts out.

And yeah, I don't work for Coke nor Mentos or whatever their parent companies are.

I just couldn't see this urban legend continue propagating without anyone questioning whether there's solid evidence to back the story up.

Bell said...

Actually it's diet coke that does the extreme fizzy reaction... regular coke has a much more muted reaction (much like putting a pinch of salt into a bottle of coke).

The story goes that his stomach ruptured, bring unable to contain the gas & foam reaction, and he died... but on a recent episode of Mythbusters they investigated this story to find that the stomach acids actually prevent this explosive reaction from happening at all. So whatever happened inside this guy's stomach we probably won't know... probably just too much gas...

I love Mythbusters!

Wuching said...

lucky i don't take mentos!

PapaJoneh said...

I love the Mythtbusters too as bell above :)

Nevertheless, Thanks for this write up. There are some people out there still does not know the effect of this combination. One thing for sure, I will not put this combo inside my children's body!!

Anonymous said...

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Bell said...

Also a side note, the fruit flavoured mentos doesn't cause that reaction to the diet coke... only mint mentos... something about a surface coating.

If you have time to surf around Youtube, you'll find some fascinating videos of people creating some elaborately choreographed Diet-Coke & Mentos fountains. It's great!

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