Sunday, 11 November 2007



“Danny was out on a business trip and will only be back tonight. I have no one to fetch me downtown to run some errands,” exclaimed Betty. Betty wanted to give her husband a surprise meal but the food left in her refrigerator was not adequate enough to make a wonderful meal for him. She then decided to use her husband’s favorite car to do some shopping downtown. It has been awhile since she last drove and driving alone without any company made her shaky a bit.

While she was driving, a cat suddenly shot across the road. She immediately stepped on the brake and before she knew it she rammed onto a lamp post. Feeling shock, she heard bits and pieces of the head lamp tinkling onto the ground. Passersby stopped and helped her out from the car. Luckily she was driving slowly at that time or else her life would have ended there.

“Thank God I was not hurt!” thought Betty. “Now I fear that Danny would kill me for smashing up his car. He treats the car as his pride.” Fears of what Danny would do to her kept sweeping through her unrest mind even though he was a kind and gentle person. Finally, a police officer arrived. “Ouch! That’s an antique car. It’s going to hurt the pocket for repairs. Can I see some documents please, Madam?” said the police officer.

Betty reached out to the glove compartment to grab the insurance and her license. As she was about to hand over the documents to the police officer, a piece of paper flew down onto the ground. She picked it up and was stunned for a second. It read, “My Darling, If you are reading this letter now, you must be in real trouble. I am glad that you can still read it. It shows that you are fine. Don’t worry about the car as it can be replaced. My love for you is irreplaceable. Come home safely to claim that love. Love, Danny”. Betty was in tears.

The most important thing in love is to ensure that the other half is safe from any harm at all times. Materialism can be replaced but not the life of someone you loved and promised to be with together until the end of your life journey. For the case of Betty and Danny, true love existed between the two of them. Betty was filled with guilt and Danny was filled with forgiveness. It takes two hands to make a clap. To live happily or angrily lies within your own decision. Don’t you think the Power of Love is great?

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Bell said...

That's a lovely story. But as un-materialistic as people want to be or try to be, you must admit that damaging an antique car kinda hurts a little. Of course that's not nearly as important as your loved ones being safe!

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