Friday, 23 November 2007



Still remember that I brought my Mum for a vegetarian buffet on Mothers’ Day? Well, I went over there for a light lunch the last few days. Other than ordering the local delicacies like curry noodles, rice steamed in lotus leaves, koay teow th’ng (flat rice noodles in soup), chicken rice, nasi lemak (rice cooked in coconut milk with curry accompaniments) and even satay, I ordered one their western food displayed on the menu.

You are right! I ordered a jumbo-sized super mouth watering croissant filled with beef rendang (spicy Malay curry). The shape of the jumbo croissant does look like the French croissant but the texture of it looked more of wholemeal bread. Nevertheless, the combination of the “local” croissant and the rendang was just awesome. The spiciness of the rendang was just right and not too hot for my taste bud.

Maybe you would like to hop over to Lily’s Vegetarian Kitchen for a change of meatless meals. They open daily from 8.30am to 9.30pm except for Monday. Buffet is served on the 1st floor of the building once a month. Drop there for a new experience with their meatless imitation.


Bell said...

omg I LOVE rendang... I used to eat rendang sandwish too last time. I miss it so much but I'm too lazy to cook it... time consuming... hehe... wish there was some place I can have rendang here... *sigh* I wanna eat noodle bread tomorrow ^_^

Wuching said...

now that's a East Meets West meal

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