Sunday, 13 May 2007


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This year’s Mothers’ Day, my family and I have decided to go to someplace out of the norm to celebrate this wonderful day with my Mum. We went for a vegetarian buffet, something that most of us have not heard of. I can tell you it’s a new experience, even for me. We went to Lily’s Vegetarian Kitchen, located at 98 (Ground Floor & 1st Floor), Noble House, Lorong Madras, 10400 Penang. Telefax: 604-226 3810. Opening Hours: 8.30am until 9.30pm daily. Closed on Monday except 1st & 15th of the Chinese Lunar Calendar.

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They served different types of vegetarian food such as hawker, Oriental and Western. Desserts too comes in different varieties. Buffet is only held on either the 2nd or the 3rd Sunday of each month. It's only RM20 per person. So, if you have plans of trying out the wide spread of goodies, make sure you call up and make a reservation as the place is damn packed during buffet session. After reservation is done, be there punctual by 12 noon to avoid fighting amongst “vultures”…LOL.

Here are some of the goodies I have taken during the buffet.

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Different types of mixed greens as appetizer

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Sweet & Sour Fish, Black Vinegar Pork Legs, Bak Kut Teh, Lasagna

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Spaghetti with Meatballs, Chicken Chop, Hawaiian Pizza

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Chicken Pita Bread Foldover

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Chocolate Fountain (for dipping your fruits, biscuits or pastries)

Impressive right? If you do not look closely, I doubt you know that everything is vegetarian. Feel free to drop by the shop for a new experience.


piggy said...

Food looks good! Definitely will have to take my mum and family there to try it out when I get back. :)

-ritchie- said...

i not a vegetarian and i dun like to eat..but it look yummy..

pikey said...

looks good !! yummy!! and it's at penang~~ lolz...

cindy said...

PapaJoneh sent me here, I dare not say "No" or else, he might stop visiting my blog. :P Kidding!

Eh, that Pita bread looks nice!! Been a while since I had pita..

Happy Mother's Day to your mom too. :)

CRIZ LAI said...

ritchie: I din ask u eat grass lar... hehe but u sud try something new mar...even in life if u stay too long at one thing...u get bored :)

pikey: fly here lor... Give yr partner a vacation :)

cindy: thanks for dropping by & yr wishes...u sure papajoneh ask u come here? Gosh...means i hv to give him a hug now :P

CRIZ LAI said...

piggy: u sud try the ala carte menu. They serve that daily :)

zewt said...

after being vege for so long... dont think i am up for it... :)

dJcarmen said...

i wanna eat the buffet!!! *drools*

...will tell u if i'm going to Pg..hopefully bout the right time horrr!! :P~

CRIZ LAI said...

zewt: i understand yr situation. I blog on other food next time :P

djcarmen: come lor... can't stop a food gourmet like u too :P

kuanhoong said...

Not bad to go on vegetarian diet on Mother's Day. At least, save the lives of chicken, pig and cow. Hehe.

Good karma also.

cc said...

This is interesting. Never tried a vegetarian buffet before. Sure doesn't look vegetarian. Heh. :)

CRIZ LAI said...

kuan hoong: yea...for good karma, i'll treat u with a burger next time. u wan beef or chicken? hehe...but all in vegetarian :P

cc: u sud have tasted the nyonya "otak otak ikan". u won't know the difference :P

conan_cat said...

aww too bad it's at penang!! there's something similiar in kl that serves vegetarian western food (they serve darn great lasagna and burgers!!) how much per head ah?? curious lol

-ritchie- said...

hahaha..i dun eat grass la.. just last time tat vegetarian food i eat not so not dare to try 2nd times..

ehon said...

that is really really impressive, i must say! to be able to come out with so much variety in vegetarian, that's a huge thumb up! :)

but then again, i can't have pure vegetarian meal otherwise i'll make toilet my best friend. i still prefer the balanced diet. :)

but nonetheless, an impressive presentation and a true out-of-ordinary mum's day! :D

skynaz said...

Dont judge a book by its cover!!hahaha..Criz, I've tried vegetarian foods before but I really cant take it much! Imagine when u think its look like a tender and superb cooked meat but when u eat..not wat u expected!hehee..

juz from my point of view laa ah kor..But as i said, i'm willing to try any food especially something new!Good job...I'm a Vegie Lover anyway...:)

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

All this veggie cost how much arrr?? If more expensive then meat then it is a no no for me.

CRIZ LAI said...

conan cat: It's on RM20 per pax. Thanks for highlighting. I hv edited the post :)

ritchie: It's not really that bad lar :P

ehon: Compliment a box of tissue paper from Tesco :P

skynaz: Can u elaborate more on the word "Vegie"? It has many meanings :P

hor ny ang moh: Yr pix shows that u can get lots free in yr jungle. This meal cost RM20 per person wor... :P

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