Tuesday, 27 November 2007



Since the first day Thomas Alva Edison created the tinfoil phonograph in 1877, audio instruments have evolved into so many cool gadgets that had changed the way we listen to music. I still remember my Dad’s first radio player which has became an old antique after he had purchased a new cassette player. From then onwards, newer instruments phase out the old ones and music can be played by using CD players, Discman, DVD player and so forth.

But we still find that rather inconvenient to carry around when we go traveling. With the advance technology, man created the smaller gadgets to store the music we love to listen to. Thus, the mp3 player was born. Initially, these mp3 players were using batteries of different sizes. But as time passes by, newer versions of mp3 players were created. This is the new generation of mp3 player which uses USB port as charger. It is small and recharging takes only a matter of minutes. I purchased one from here but what about you?

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