Monday, 8 October 2007



I felt that I am growing old rather fast. So many people that I have met have gone through so many dates and some of them even got married within a short period of time. Gosh! What have I been doing for so long without realizing that age has caught up with me so speedily? Before I knew it, I see lots of white hair shooting out. Sickness crept in as if there will be no tomorrow. Aches emerged from practically every parts of the deteriorating body. Mind slowly moved towards erasing memories of the past. Do I still remember who my friends were by their names or faces? Err…do I?

I only remembered that some of them were really desperate and wanting to marry off as soon as possible because they felt that their lives were so miserable and lonely all the time. I saw many who got hurt by love and still clinging on to the past. Some were still holding back on life by waiting for possible Mr/Ms Right. Some were throwing their lives away by engaging with Mr/Ms Wrong. Time cannot bring anything or anyone back to your life. It can only heal the wound by making you stronger. Loneliness is not an excuse for having excessive time in hand. Gaining some skills, improving your career, socializing with friends will kill the time. After all, these will eventually improve your life. Who knows, life might give you lots of happy and memorable surprises.

I also saw many who wanted to have a family with many children. They think that they have the superior genes in them to dictate what will be the best for their children. What was the result? They eventually found that loving their children was harder than hurting them. Some were even brutally abused. Do not try to bring a life into the world for no practical reasons. Try your hands onto parenting by adopting a pet. If you failed miserably in this, do not even think of having a child. It is unfair to a life without any future.

Worst of all, some did get married but were still flirting around, thinking that they are forever irresistible. Does it mean that they need to sleep around because they are old enough to think for themselves? Where were the bounds between two persons since the day one said, “Til death do us part?” It is not worth living a reckless life without having the thoughts of your own family. No wonder the cases of divorces increased over the years. Committing oneself when not ready will never be a good choice. Do not waste another person’s life away by being so irresponsible. Fill your life with “I love you”, “thank you”, “I miss you”, and “I’m sorry”. Do not let a relationship fall into a slum by not remembering the last time you ever kissed your life partner.

People do behave these ways as most of us were afraid of being lonely with nobody else to accompany us towards the end of our life journey. I have found that life does not get easier as we grow old. It gets more challenging. It is not a place for those who fears failures. It is not a place for those who are stingy with love and compassion. It is definitely not a place for those who do not have directions or dreams for a happy family.

Life is a place filled with responsibilities, commitments, perseverance and self discipline. Sometimes, you have to take care of yourself without waiting for others to take care of you. You are to drive to your own destination without relying too much on others. Your future lies within your own doings. No one can complete your life tasks other than yourself. Growing old is part of the process into the world of wisdom. Why worry about growing old then? Live life as you would be and enjoy the wisdom and experiences gained through it. So, do you think you are mature now to see life as it is?


Bee Ean said...

Try to put yourself in my shoes, being the oldest student in the class. Tomorrow I'm supposed to prevent my CV in the class, but I feel so reluctant. In France you need to disclose your age on your CV, a practice I don't really understand. About bringing a new life to the world. I have seen people whom I think couldn't take care of themselves manage to grow up by having the responsibilities. So, until you really facing the situation, you just can't predict whether you can do it or not.

Bell said...

Deep post. I agree with you Criz, wisdom comes with maturity. There are all types of people around. Everyone has a different coping strategy. I guess I'm lucky, I'm not particularly mature, I married young, I have a loving husband, and I'm a flirt... but having said that I know my boundaries and I don't cross them. I guess you're only as happy as you make yourself... people are miserable because they tell themselves that they are. It's a self fulfilling prophecy.

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