Wednesday, 31 October 2007



It just hurts me to hear you cry
When your Mummy never even reply
Did your Mummy ever love you as her child
To let you run crazily in the wild.

In the morning when I rose
I can still hear you crying in that pose
All you need is just a bit of love
From a Mother with an undying love

Tears of joy and tears of pain
As I comfort you under the drizzling rain
Oh come forth my lovely kitty without a name
Let me feed you without making a claim

Kitty oh kitty how fortunate you are today
For me to give you my warmth all the way
I might not be God Sent from above
But I’m here to shower you with all my love

So my kitty dear
I hope that I've made it clear
You are now everything to me
I am now who you wished me to be
To give you that endless touch
Oh baby, I love you so much!

This is a dedication to a stray cat which will mother any stray kittens that came along crying. This mother cat is filled with undying love and compassion for others. Her actions have touched me so deeply.


everydayhealy said...

Another lovely poems from Criz. Oh! I love it. I always do. :)

Anyway, you've got tag. It's here.

See ya...

Bell said...

Touching sweet poem! The cat is great too... not many animals (humans inclusive)are willing to take on that sort of burden...

Wuching said...

thats strange, usually mother cat eats their youngs!

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