Tuesday, 11 September 2007



Pitter patter pitter patter…The rain beat noisily at my window panes as I sat there mournfully looking out of the window. The sky which was once filled with the radiance of the golden orb now lies ever gloomily, overshadowed by the beating and roaring of the oncoming thunderstorm.

Bing bang boomZippy zappy zippy zappySnap kerplunk crash… There goes the trunk of my favorite rambutan tree, stroke by the hissing and buzzing of the lightning. It was just like yesterday that I nurture its growth, with so much sweat, so much energy out of my heart, my body and my soul. Now it lies totally helpless under the torments of the cruel weather. I sat there hopelessly watching the suffering endured by my much loved tree. Nothing I could do but to pray that God has the kindness to stop the sizzling and fizzling and to pardon its sins.

Memories suddenly flashed through my mind, showing me the similarity between the troubled tree and life. Life was somehow related to the trauma experienced by the poor tree. In our life, there are always the ups and down and we can never escaped from them. Some days are smooth flowing whereas there are days when everything seems to go wrong and chaotic. No matter how bad it may be, we still survived until today.

Have you ever wondered why the hustling and bustling of a happy and enjoyable life moments in the blogosphere has suddenly quiet down with the sound of silence? Where has everybody gone to? Except for the swoosh and whirrs of the computer fans, there was only the total silence. What has happened to the ooo ooh of the MSN, the ding dong of an incoming mail or even the buzzing of the hand phone? This is not the season for hibernation. This is also not the season for long term vacation and not everyday is a family day. This is definitely not the season for MIA (Missing In Action). Life sounded like it is in the process of ending its journey but how true is it?

I still remembered when I started blogging in this blogosphere; life was filled with the oomph and wow of never ending activities. People come and go, people visit and comment, people encourage and motivate a blogger to keep on going, were norms. Nowadays, things are different. People hardly come to pay you a visit and even if they do they are without any trace or evidence that they were here. They come and see, see then go off, and worst still they do not come at all. Even efforts in bringing in more readers has been done by commenting in God knows how many comment boxes in the blogosphere, but then the results have been rather disappointing. People hardly follow up.

I just wondered what has happened to the courtesy and politeness of the bloggers. Is the blogosphere facing a slow and timely death or is it the attitude of the bloggers to just receive and not to return the favour? I have visited many blogs and I saw many blogs are in the midst of facing extinction as there are no longer updates. Regularity of posting up articles are quite scare. I can understand how they felt too as they were not motivated to move on with any encouragements from their readers.

One person to keep the blogosphere going will not help without the joint efforts by others. I find it rather tiring and stressed out to comment in each and every blogs that I visited. It has been my way of complimenting the blog owner to strive for their best. I am not trying to be boastful here but how many people you know have the persistence to do that? The concept of “U comment, I follow” has not shown any improvements at all. The visits are still rather stagnant. It ended up as “U comment, I happy” without the initiative of the other to follow up in any comments.

Sometimes I felt like the pitiful tree, a giver of nice juicy rambutans. When I am full with fruits, people plucked me with enthusiasm. When the season is off, I am left to fend for myself without any visits. Even though I was tortured by the hit and run of the bad weather and abuse by mankind, I am still standing strong and firm against all odds. I still feel that the blogosphere is a futile ground for growth. There are still rooms for improvements. This is still a good place for gaining of knowledge and knowing the different cultures of people from all over the world. What I have experienced is only a temporary bodily injury and my roots are still deeply planted into the soil, day by day hoping that little raindrops will keep me alive. With this mode of survival, more buds will shoot out from the ground and life will regenerate by itself.

This is how nature works. This is how life works too. When there is still hope, life will continue to live on. Do not give up hope. Be persistent. Persistence is part of our life’s survival in this world. Good luck in your life journey!

Note: The above article is partly based on Onomatopoeia (highlighted), which are words that sound like the objects they name or the sounds those objects make. I shall be making more visits when my internet line and health are more stable. This is the third week I am facing connectivity problems. I do hope all my readers are understandable.


Bell said...

I haven't had much motivation to write lately either... something's just wrong or missing. Sorry to hear you having so many problems with internet connection. Sorry to hear about the rambutan tree too...

Last 2 days I have been in a backwards phase, rather than checking blogs for updates, I go back to old posts (sometimes 1st posts) and reading what people had to say in the beginning. Kinda nice :)

At lease I'm still commenting on some blogs... maybe not all of them though. :)

Hope you get your problems sorted out soon, and that your readers return with more "Oomph" after reading this post.

Ah Pek said...

That the way it is with personal blogs, chris.

malaysian bloggers are clique bloggers, They don't like venturing outside their clique nor do they like commenting on blogs not within their own clique.

Sometimes it gets distressing huh?

Ratu Syura said...

Woww. my first visit to your blog and I already like it here! :) This post is truly interesting! I agree with you through and through.. Nowadays, I don't expect many comments on my blog posts either.. What I get nowadays are mostly 'stalkers'! I notice from my statcounter readers who come check out my blog almost EVERYDAY, yet give no feedback.. It's beginning to scare me! LOL! I guess my blog posts are just plain boring.. Owh well, at least you gained one potential loyal reader today!! Cheers!! :D

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