Tuesday, 11 September 2007


In this era, Malaysia is considered real fortunate to have good lives, infrastructures and economy. With the stable economy, most citizens are fortunate enough to have a roof on top of their heads. More needs and wants will arise such as water heaters for the ever changing tropical weather. There are so many different brands in the market to choose from and owning one has become such a norm in every households. How fortunate we are to have so many choices. What about people in poorer countries? Do they have the options to choose from the different ranges of heaters as we do? Most of them will improvise to cut cost in order to feed more mouths in the family. How do you feel if you are in such family? Are you that innovative to come out with such a multi-purpose invention for the family?


Good infrastructures in the country have indeed enabled the people in our nation to travel to anywhere throughout the country with ease, reliability, comfort and speed. Thus, most people will own some sort of transportation to move about without any worries. Even those without any mode of transportation have the means to travel by public transportations. We are so pampered in this comfort zone that greed seeps into our lives without our realization. When we have a simple car to move about, we tend to be over eager to replace the car with other latest models equipped with latest gadgets and newest surround music systems, etc. Think of how fortunate we are to be able to do that and with ease most of the time. Just look at how other less fortunate countries are compared to us. We have the latest Toyota Corolla, Camry, etc. They too have their own version of ToyotaToyota Cowrolla.


With the speed of the vehicles, cases of irresponsible and reckless driving have increased over the years. Countless of insurance companies have popped up with different type of policies such as PA, life insurance, hospitalization plan and many more to cater with the increasing needs of its consumers. In cases of emergencies, there are many conveniently located telephone booths or even hand phones to call for an ambulance. The ambulance will arrive in the shortest possible time and a life is saved. Again…how fortunate we are. If you are in another less fortunate country, the communication mode might not be as convenient as what we have and it might take days before help will be on its way. By the time help arrived, the survival might be long gone. What do you think is their version of an ambulance? Do you think we are lucky to be where we are today?


Entertainment is another section where we are never short of. We have malls, karaoke outlets, clubs, restaurants and amusement centres booming out like there is no tomorrow. Even when we are in the comfort of our homes, we have the televisions, DVD players, HIFI systems, computers, Play Stations and so on to cater for our ever changing interests. On top of that, the inventions of many new gadgets such as Ipods, Dopods, MP4 players, MP3 players have made life more convenient and exciting. Do you think they have such facilities in their countries? All they have is their ever loyal version of walkman.


I have always felt that I am contented with what I have in my life. Simple and basic necessities are just fine for me. Some might think that I am old fashion by not moving towards newer technologies but you will be surprised of what I know. Life should be as simple as possible and being materialistic has never been in my list of priorities. What about you? Are you contented with what you own or you are seeking more items to add to your overpopulated archive? Share it out here!


Bell said...

I believe I am able to live a simple life with only necessities... but I have to also admit that I'm quite a materialistic person who likes to own things. What to do? I'm a material girl! (think Madonna song!) But I'm pretty low maintenance... I think... have to ask hubby that one ler! :P

*sigh* it is quite sad to see that today we're living in an increasingly materialistic world...

Aaron Chua said...

I like that heater lah~ lol~
I mean, it's quite creative to think that. Hmmm~

yushi : said...

my bad, i laughed at the ambulance...

i am a very simple person.

but yet, i wan to get a lot of things, i dream for the world, not really because i am not thankful for what i hav now. jus that i want to know how far i can go. i know i will regret it, if i never take the chance to try for my dreams.

since i stay alone since young, i went through hard times before. no one can help even my best buddies. i used to think negatively.

why these things happened to me. i blame god for that. but things changed when i met a girl named Fung. she had breasts cancer. yet, she was a very happy girl. i wonder how could she did that.

when i told her how much i hate my life. how unfair the god is. i wanted to end my life.

she scolded me. she said, 'how could you say that. i have cancer and i m dying soon. i am just 19, and do you think that it is fair for me?'

she also said that, i am healthy, and yet, i wish to die, while she was struggling to fight for her life. how selfish was i to not to think about her feelings and all the ppl that love me.

she said, there are no problems without solutions except for death. everyone will die. why want to rush to die when you still can live and do mistakes and then learn from them. that's what made life colourful.

by that time, she realised that she had only few months to live, 'i am unwell, i do not wish to lie on my bed and wait for death. i am not trying to run from it too. i am just chasing it by doing a lot more mistakes and learn'

ahhh, i got carried away. but really, no matter how tough your life is, don't think of how life is unfair to you.

think of how did you really face your life.

death is a certain thing. you dont have to really worry about it. live life to the fullest.

P/s- someone commited suicide last saturday from 7th floor of the apartment behind MMU. i wish i could tell her about what Fung told me about life. but it's too late now.

btw Fung passed away in last Feb. May her soul rest in peace.

everydayhealy said...

Yeah... We should always be grateful to what we have. That will leads to a happier life. :)

Just notice you change your layout. Better than the previous one so many times. haha...

aL said...

eh the last pic damn cool.

rapper on the street with portable ipod!


Bibik Nyonya said...

aren't we all glad to be living in such a fine country? heh heh. Great post!

Ricky Tan said...

for some country, they are still using old technology tat we dont use anymore such as radio system or the moses code transmitter. (note the last pic the guy holding the machine, it's a communication radio system, not radio to listen fm or am... )
But as least they have such devices so tat they can call help whenever in emergency situation

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