Friday, 10 August 2007


Criz’s Sanctuary

If you have noticed it, my whole blog theme has been changed to go in line with the advertisement shown in the Nuffnang Ads. It is an advertisement by SPCA Selangor. I am an animal lover by nature and I am going to share with you the advantages of owning a pet. Pet plays an important role in our lives as they can help us physically, emotionally socially and security.

How does owning a pet or some pets help in a family? First and foremost, it helps us to have some healthy values such as lowering high blood pressure, preventing heart disease and combating depression. Pets do help us to live more energetic lives. Walking a dog or even watching those fishes swimming in your aquarium indeed does help. By taking your dog out for a run, you will get more exercise too. It has been proven that those who own pets at home have less arthritis or backbone problems. What about fishes? In Japan, it is believed that all offices have at least one aquarium. By watching the greeneries of the aqua landscaping and the care free movements of the fishes, one tends to have a more relaxing and calm mind. Thus, it is a mode of anti depression and stress.

Criz’s Sanctuary

Have you ever thought of improving your child to be a more responsible citizen in the future? If you are eager to see that happen, get a pet to be part of your family. Children absorb life values quickly at a tender age. They can learn the importance of responsibility by tendering to the needs of pets. It also fosters a closer relationship between the child and the parents while caring for the pet together. It also develops a sense of discipline as the child will have the duties to be in charge of the pet daily. Taking a pet to the veterinarian for sickness or vaccination will get them exposed to the world of medical issues. They will learn to see the life situations of being sick, old age or even death. This will prepare them to face the real world out there with a stronger stand emotionally.

Pets do provide emotional benefits as they shower us with unconditional love and attention. They help to reduce our loneliness and anxiety. They provide us relaxation and at times giving our lives some touches of humour. They do not care if we are unattractive, old, incompetent or mentally ill. People look to them for solace, especially in the case of the loss of loved ones. Pets acts as a stress buffer in these life situations. The best thing is that they never complain.

Criz’s Sanctuary

Having a dog at home makes us feel more secure. We feel safer to have them around the house. They warn us of the approach of strangers and protect our homes from intruders. Even if they are small sized toy dogs, their bark is enough to scare the wits out of any burglar. Dogs are wonderful cheerleaders. They boost up our spirits and eliminate our depression. Dog owners are never at a loss for laughter with the energetic pets’ daily dose of fun. Laughter has been shown to be therapeutic. It can fight off illness and even promotes healing.

Criz’s Sanctuary

So if you intend to live a healthier lifestyle or having a more united family, why don’t you adopt a pet or even purchase one today? Mr. Spot, Ms Polly, Mr. Whiskers, Ms Mousey, Mr. Gold Fish or even Mr. Conan Cat will surely be happy to see you… Haha!


conan_cat said...

hey! since when i become a pet liao??! i'm only a pet for my lover ok!! lol... XD newayz yeah agree to the points! also trains my sense of responsiblity (cannot let my guinea pigs die!!!) and pets do strengthen the relationship between me and my parents, really. i used to have nothing to talk to them. since my dog almond and my guinea pigs came in, i have more things to chat wif my parents and much other crap followed suit. :) pets are really a positive booster.

Aaron Chua said...

I wrote a post like this before. LOL~
conan_cat?! Where buy? Hahaha~

Annabel said...

I miss my doggies..... *cry*

Wuching said...

i'm jeles of ur fish!

aL said...

me love animals long timeeeeee!

but my family tak sukak!


i buy d put in ur house can?

charlenediane said...

I have 2 cats, 3 dogs and 5 pet goldfish, currently. When I was younger, I used to keep 15 cats under one roof it used to drive my whole family nuts. LOL.

Glad to find one who loves animals just as much!

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