Friday, 3 August 2007


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Can you bear the pain of having your skin pierced into just to get a unique identity stained onto your body for the rest of your lives? Based on some research, approximately one in seven adults has at least one tattoo on their bodies. Tattoo used to be related to sailors and bikers. In this modern day, it has become a trend amongst some teenagers and working personnel. People are beginning to accept the fact that this is a special and unique way to express their own identity. In short, they are branding themselves.

The popularity of tattooing has surged in recent years. Men and women getting tattoos are from every walk of life. Initially, those with tattoos were considered having rebellious and rowdy behaviors. However, the younger generations view it as a form of body art, a way to express themselves in a form of self decoration. Some even have some charms embedded onto their body for protection against evils.

Somehow there are some who outgrew tattooing when they are about to start a professional career, to get married, or even have children. The hassle of covering the removal tattoo markings with makeup, socks, long sleeves shirt could be quite a headache. Removing a tattoo is much more difficult and expensive than getting one in the first place. Any side effects or infections are not covered by insurance as well.

Let us have some humor on how a professional tattoo his body. Sit tight and please fasten your seat belt as you might just fall off your chair after reading what I have to say.

Arriving home real late one night, an accountant’s wife got furious and asked her husband, "Where the hell have you been? Do you know what time it is now?" Smilingly he replied, "I was down town getting my tattoo done.

"What? A tattoo?" she said while frowning. Feeling suspicious as always a wife will be, she asked, "You show me where it is to prove that you are not bitching around!" "Hey, I got a hundred dollar note on my dick," he said proudly while showing to his wife. Shaking her head in disdain, the wife asked, “Gosh…why of all places you must tattoo your dick with a hundred dollar note?

"Well, one, I like to watch my money grow," he began. "Two, once in awhile, I like to play with my money. Three, I like how money feels in my hand. Lastly, instead of you going out shopping, you can stay right here at home and blow a hundred dollar note anytime you want!”

Hahaha… :P


Annabel said...

Haha! Like the joke!

Back when I wasn't so fat, I wanted a tattoo... But not anymore. I still admire some people's tattoos and occasionally experience fleeting moments of wanting one, but I know I'll never get one. You have to really know what you want or you'll regret later in life... and me... I'm a very indecisive person!

papajoneh said...

Hahahhahahaaa.... cool joke. Hahahahhaa... damn it. Hahhahaa. Now i can't stop laughing. That's a good one indeed.

On the other hand, I would love to have one... but same like annabel, can't decide on the tattoo design.

but the joke is really good.. hahahha. Aduh cramped my jaw.

Aaron Chua said...

Creating a brand for myself, nope.
Tattoo is just body art to me. But I don't like it. lol~

By the way, that joke. LOL~ That's one freaking cool way to spend your one hundred dollar bill! Hahaha~

Sae Wei said...

Nah... i hate tattoos.. Just like what you said.. Spend so much time and it is so damn painful when getting it but end up going through all the troubles to get rid of it. Useless..

Gosh that husband!!! Speechless~~

benjipapa said...

thinking bout it..shud i get a tattoo on my D**k too?? hmmm a hundred note??? can ar?? Vote Vote..

I like to see it grow too ..hahahaha

Annabel said...

Benjipapa gross!!!!!

yung . said...

The pain is not worth the beauty! but I have one friend who is addicted to the pain, and they get tattoo-ed every once a while. Sot already.

jianbing said...

Why that husband didn't faint ar. I heard people faint in the process of tattooing their "turtle head"... too painful XD

=chuanguan= said...

da joke was gd

Sheerlicious said...

tattoo ??

Actually I think I'll do a tattoo if i'm slim enough .. but i sked after i get fat again then the tattoo will look weird ..

So better dont get a tattoo .. hehe .. Or maybe one day I'll get a tattoo .. for fun .. hehhe ..

CRIZ LAI said...

annabel: something in life need to be decided in a clear stage of mind as it would affect your whole life. Take it slowly.

papajoneh: forgot to fasten your seatbelt before reading...haha

aaron: glad to know you love it. Planning to do one?? haha

saewei: stay original better right?

benjipapa: **sweat**

annabel: you get use to him sooner or later..haha

yung: hey...good to see you here. There are people who are quite use to the pain. You should have seen those with slit snake like tongue. It's even gross.

jianbing: how I know... I am not the husband.. haha

chuanguan: haha

sheerlicious: you should have tried tattooing a flower. People will say, " flower bloomed!" Then you know it's time for a diet.. haha :P

Teena said...

I've got two tattoos and plan on getting another two in the next year or so.

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