Saturday, 14 July 2007


On this week’s topic SHADOW,
I would like to share with all the greatest source of shadows making.
It is none other than our favorite orb – THE SUN.
I managed to dig this photo out from my dusty old photo albums.
This was taken during my trip down to Mersing, Johor, Malaysia.
I forgot what year it was but I guessed it may be 8-9 years ago.
This is the biggest shadow that ever cast over the sun.
It is a shot of the SOLAR ECLIPSE.

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Since I am at the topic of the sun,
I would also like to share with you how the sunlights
during the SUNRISE can have special effect too.

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Here is a snapshot of SUNSET on top of the Penang Bridge.
With a length of 13.5km, it is amongst one of the longest bridges in the world.

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Thank you.
Have a Great Weekend!


TNChick said...

Wow, that first photo is amazing! Awesome shot of the eclipse!

Jenn in Holland said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I am so impressed with these shots. Lovely, lovely, lovely.
Mine isn't artistic this week, but kind of cute!:)

mousey said...

great set of sunset pics!

happy weekend!

jams o donnell said...

What great photos! happy weekend!

Jose said...

Great pictures, I am a sucker for sunsets.

Incog & Nito said...

Those pictures are amazing - I can feel the heat!! Happy weekend.

PowersTwinB said...

What a wonderful concept for this weeks theme, the eclispe! I love your photos! good job! My photo is up, please come and visit soon

ipanema said...

Wow! What great photos you have. You captured that eclipse, I'm so jealous of your talent. Share tips pls. :)

lissa said...

Great choices for PH - I like the sunrise the best

tegdirb92 said...

I love the last photo the best. I wonder if the people in all of that traffic can appreciate the beauty of it all? Great shots.

CRIZ LAI said...

tnchick: It's a privilege to have you in here. Thanks for organizing such a wonderful program to foster the friendship amongst the bloggers. :)

jenn in holland: thanks for the compliment. Do try harder next time :)

mousey: glad you like them too :)

jams o donnell: happy weekend too. Thanks for dropping by :)

jose: well..practice makes perfect. Keep on practice dude :)

incog & nito: need an air-conditioner and a tall glass of lemonade to go it? :)

powertwinb: It's nice to see you here again. Thanks :P

ipanema: Thanks. There are no tips on taking such shots. It's trial and error and speed of course. Wonderful captures might not last as long as they could.

lissa: Thanks for the compliment :)

tegdirb92: I wondered too. Maybe it could just be a hectic work day and they would just want to rush home under the comfort of their beds :)

Blur Mommy said...

wow love the eclipse shot!! Very cool! Nice shot of the sunset on the Penang Bridge. I've been on it once many yrs ago.

msdedi said...

awesome shot of the eclipse!

Melissa said...

Great Job! Come see mine!

Hootin'Anni said...

For some reason, it looks very hot?!!

Happy hunting


You have picked the prettiest photos for the theme.

Wuching said...

did u take that shot of the eclipse? its awesome!

pat said...

Wow - that eclipse is amazing!!!!

Happy Weekend.

cheche said...

great shots! very tranquil and peaceful. have a good weekend!

Karen said...

Here in central Ohio we just don't see enough of that big orb! Especially from October until around May!

Great shots!

Michele said...

That's stunning... amazing.
The Rocky Mountain Retreat

Mimomma said...

WOW - the eclipse is marvelous! I'm also loving those sunsets....would have loved to taken shots in person, too!
Happy Friday the 13th and photo hunting....and thanx for all the encouraging posts you leave ;-)

jmb said...

Crizlai, these are wonderful. The eclipse is amazing and the sunsets are beautiful too.

Heart of Rachel said...

You really have a great talent for taking amazing photos! I love all of them especially the 1st one (eclipse).

Barbara H. said...

The sunrise and sunset shots are lovely, and the eclipse is amazing.

Bengbeng said...

wow...Criz..i think that one word from me says it all abt yr pics this month. have to meet u next time i amin Penang to look at yr photo collection. the award originate from

maiylah said...

wow ... i love sunset shots, and these are some of the best ones! :)

happy hunting!

Drew said...

Those are some beautiful images. I especially like the sun one. I'll have mine up at 12:01am. I also wanted to let you know that there is still time to enter my contest for a great photography gadget at Win an XShot from BenSpark.

Surfergirl said...

i like the third photo!

BirdieRoark said...

Great photos of the sun. Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos. Great for the theme.

Dexter - Dexterity said...

OMG Criz, so many ppl commented ad... i like the Eclipse la... that wan yeng lo... like the Chrono Crusade devils wanna come out ad.. wakakaka

chepot said...

again amazing photos!

have a great weekend! :D

jeannie said...

Great photos! Have a good ewwkend.

Ji Yuan said...

the eclipse..looks so fake yet so real so or so real yet so fake...

its a wonderful shot

the shot at the penang bridge is blur actually

crazy working mom said...

What an awesome job on those photos.
Great choice for the theme this week.

Thanks for dropping by.

chateau said...

Your photos are awesome! My daughter (who was looking on as I read your post) loves the eclipse photo. What a powerful camera you got there!

Ann said...

wow, your shots are so cool!

mott said...

Ha ha..I remember the Penang Bridge well... too well!!!

Great shot! said...

A really fascinating set of photos!

PastorMac's Ann said...

OOOooo, I LOVE that first photo. What an amazing picture and crative choice for The Hunt.
Nice set of shadows!

My Shadow

Che-Cheh said...

WOW the eclipse photo is awesome.

Tina said...

Love the third picture, wanna be there. Wish you a great weekend.

Bye the way: The last time you wished me a Happy 07/07/2007... Note: The 20/07/2007 is a good date, too. ;-)

julie said...

Love the eclipse photo!

have a great weekend, :)

SASSY MOM said...

Excellent shot of the eclipse. You're a great photographer.... you have an eye for nice things.

have a great weekend!

TorAa said...

Intelligent entry

meeyauw said...

Those are great shots of the sun. You are very good! I especially like the eclipse photo.

Daisy said...

How fantastic to get a shot of an eclipse! You are so talented!

Mark said...

Cracking set of images, really enjoyed looking at them.

Cheers Mark

Lynn said...

Wow, I love all these photos! Love looking at them.

Dragonheart said...

Beautiful photos! :) That eclipse photo is just amazing! Perfect for this week's theme.

Rach said...

wow brilliant photos!

happy weekend :-)

Sue said...

These are breathtaking! Especially the eclipse! Thank you for stopping by and directing me here these are gorgeous!

Expat Traveler said...

I just love that first photo also! Amazing... thanks for visiting.

Sarge Charlie said...

great photos, drop by an see my offering/

Amber said...

Awesome pictures!!

JC said...

Great choices for the theme, Criz. I think just once over that bridge would be enough for me, lol.

Indiana Amy said...

Wow! Amazing photos, thanks for sharing!

Yen said...

That is some amazing photos! Thanks for dropping by!:)

Teena said...

Your pictures are lovely ... I'm jealous!

Mine's up too :)

Mitey Mite said...

I am so envious that you saw the eclipse, and even more envious of your photographic talent. Excellent pictures, excellent take on the theme.

ChupieandJ'smama said...

That first picture is absolutely stunning! All the shots are great and perfect for the theme.

eph2810 said...

Oh - Awesome Eclipse shot. I like the other shots too.
Thank you for sharing.

Have a great weekend and happy hunting.

Tara said...

Great post on this week's theme! Love the pictures!

YTSL said...

Wow -- however did you manage to that that first photo? It looks amazing!

Candice said...

Amazing shot of the eclipse!!

Dawn :) said...

great shots! Thanks for visiting.

Linda said...

These are some really great shots, thank you for showing the different angles of the sun!

GEWELS said...

What an amazing shot of the eclipse. Intresting take on the theme.
All the sunset shots are great!

Kimo & Sabi said...

Furry nice photos - we luvs da warm sun best!

Leah said...

Wow! What can is say? These are beautiful photos. I love the solar eclipse shot. Amazing!!!

Beautiful shadows indeed!

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

What a great photo of an eclipse!
Great pics.

Vader's Mom said...

That eclipse photo is breath-taking. Thank you for sharing.

Patricia said...

VERY awesome photographs! Thank you! And thank you for stopping by Pollywog Creek earier and helping me shoo away those flies! Have a great weekend.

Mandi said...

Wow!! I know it's already been said here, but AMAZING! What a great shot of the eclipse!

Eric T said...

wonderful photo, love the sunset!

Anonymous said...

That eclipse shot is so neat! Great job!

Janet said...

That first picture is just amazing!!!

sarala said...

Great shot.
I've never seen an eclipse of the sun.

Real Women Scrap said...

Amazing shots! These are really beautiful.

MonkeyWong said...

U're really good! Superb shots!

Lori V. said...

Beautiful! Thanks for the warm welcome to Photo Hunters!

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful photos. That eclipse one is really amazing! Have a great weekend!

Pato & Pearl said...

nice pictures....really cool!!


SilverWillow said...

Stunning photos! I love your direction with the theme of shadows. Thank you for stopping by my blog, and visiting my Photo Hunt!

A. said...

An eclipse! The ultimate shadow! Superb shots - I do love sunsets and I dare say I'd love sunrises if I was ever awake early enough:)

Thanks for visiting yesterday.

Chen said...

i love the first photo. awesome shot of the eclipse :)

Gran - (Angela) said...

AWESOME photos for this week!
Have a great weekend!

Please stop by:

Ginabee said...

What beautiful photos. Thank for for sharing.

Turtles said...

Amazing photos! I especially like the first one.

Thanks for stopping by my photo hunt.

Casey's Mom said...

nice photos! good job.

thanks for stopping by!

The Daily Matters

tiffane said...

great shots! thanks for the comment on my blog!

Whirlwind said...

Those pictures are amazing. The first is beyond awesome. Thanks for sharing!

Liz said...

Amaxing photos. You are such a good photographer.

nel's bebi said...

i love love love sunrise/sunset shots!

Amanda said...

great photos did you take them yourself?

Bad Kitty Cats & Megan said...

Hi, these are fantastic images. I love them! The Sunrise is my favorite!

Thank you for your kind words on our post. We will heal, but that little guy was something special!

Nice to meet you! Peace... megan

Sheerlicious said...

nice sunset's pic .. ^^

Pam said...

Wonderful, amazing shot of the eclipse


Larry said...

Thanks for the tip about crushed eggshells -- have tried everything but the fondue fork seems to work best (and maybe most satisfying).
Great photos too. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Melvin said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Krista said...

Wow! Thanks for your comment, and I really enjoyed your Sun pictures.

Anonymous said...

Cool pic! Thanks for stopping by!

-Celtic Sister

CRIZ LAI said...

blur mommy: wow.. when are you planning to come for a visit again?

msdedi: thanks

melissa: sure

hootin'anni: need a fan now?

friday's child: thanks

wuching: of course or else I won't put it up.

pat: thanks

cheche: thanks

karen: then you should come over this side for a visit :)

michele: thanks

mimomma: you are always welcome

jmb: thanks

heart of rachel: yours are great too :)

barbara h: oh.. thank you.

bengbeng: thanks..actually i hv trackback to the origin. I hv edited the post a bit. come see.

maiylah: that's a nice compliment :)

drew: sorry abt's a bit hectic here for me with such short time. Anyway, thanks.

surfergirl: thank you

birdieroark: thanks

kissedalotatoad: thank you too.

dexter: you watch too many animes to have such wild imagination.

chepot: haha.. thanks

jeannie: thanks ya

ji yuan: it's at 6.50am. it's sure dark then.

crazy working mom: thank you

chateau: thanks...give yr daughter a kiss on my behalf :)

ann: thanks

mott: hmmm.. don't tell me you are a Malaysian as well?

yenzai: thanks.. Your shots are amazing too.

pastormac's ann: you are welcome

che-cheh: thanks

tina: haha.. u remembered..have a nice week :)

julie: thanks

sassy mom: I did not realize about that. Thanks

CRIZ LAI said...

toraa: thanks

meeyauw: me too

daisy: thank you

mark: how cracking are they?

lynn: thanks for coming

dragonheart: yours are great too :)

rach: thanks

sue: you are welcome

expat traveler: thanks

sarge charlie: i will. thanks

amber: thanks

JC: cute remark..any reason why? haha

indiana amy: thanks

yen: no problem

teena: try harder next time. maybe you can be better than i am

mitey mite: you also can do just as good.

chupieandj'smama: thanks

eph2810: tanks for the visit too :)

tara: thanks

YTSL: sheer determination and full concentration...lastly luck.. haha

candice: thanks

dawn: thanks too

linda: that's my main point too. How did you manage to guess?

gewels: thanks

kimo&sabi: haha..i prefer cooler weather :)

leah: thanks for the visit

catsgoatsquotes: thanks

vader's mom: thank you

patricia: flies?? haha.. thanks anyway :)

mandi: thanks

eric t: thanks for commenting

lauren@baseballs&bows: thanks

janet: thank you

sarala: now you see it.. do enjoy it while you can :)

real women scrap: thanks

CRIZ LAI said...

monkey wong: you are good too :)

lori v.: welcome to the PH family :)

mom unplugged: thanks

pearl: cool?? it's hot .. haha

silver willow: welcome

A: wake up? I did not even sleep so that I won't missed that shots :)

Chen: thanks

gran(angela): thanks

ginabee: welcome

turtles: thanks

casey's mom: thank you

tiffane: thanks

whirlwind: no problem

liz: nah.. i am just a normal photographer

nel's bebi: thanks :)

amanda: of course

bad kitty cats & megan: strong ok? she will always be there in our memories :)

sheerlicious: thanks

pam: thank you

larry: thanks larry. Just sharing what I know :)

krista: thanks

anonymous: welcome

celtic sister: ok i'll go :)

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