Tuesday, 3 July 2007


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First of all, let me brief you on the meaning of “I”. “I” is the 9th alphabet of the English alphabets A-Z. Scientifically, “I” symbolizes Iodine, which is used in pharmaceuticals, antiseptics, medicine, food supplements, dyes, catalysts, halogen lights, photography and water purifying. In a layman’s language, it means you and me. “I” usually has two different faces – the Angel and the Devil, meaning the True Self and the False Self. Let us discuss the I-Factor in a humorous way.

Ah Beng: Hey! This Criz’s Sanctuary is a good blog. I think I should give the author some good comments in here. ***trying to type in something but his head is blank with confusions whether to write or not to write***

Angel: Yea…you should give him what you have in your mind. Say how good he is to come out with such a good post. Give him some good compliments and support. That’s the best way to get a blogger motivated.

Devil: Want or not? All I see is some crap talk here. You think he’s so good meh? I’m better lar. In fact, I’m the best in this blogosphere.

Angel: How can you say you’re the best when I’m the “God” here? “God” rules! You go sit on your hot stove and stop confusing my poor Ah Beng here!

Devil: Why not? I have been in the blogosphere for so long. Old bird liao. Who don’t know who I’m leh? What I say is definitely the truth even though I’m such a devil all the time.

Angel: Hey, why are you so self centered? Have you ever thought of how I have helped Ah Beng to become so successful today? He won’t be who he is without me around.

Devil: WTF! Do you think you are the only one who has helped him? If I did not stop him from commenting in so many posts, do you think he has the time and concentration to come up with good posts?

Angel: Gosh! Is that all you have in your thick skull? If I did not get him to work so hard in commenting in others’ blogs, do you think he will get such good traffics now? You think getting traffics into his blog is so easy without exploring other’s blog and give a nice and meaningful comment?

Devil: That is what you say nia. As if people will appreciate his comments. It is just a waste of time. I do not know how you can be qualified to be an Angel with such low mentality. Not like me at all. I believed in what I say is always the best solution. I rocks! You go sit in your nest and stop mumbling like an old grandmother!

Angel: OMG! With that superiority complex and pride of yours, you will get yourself into deep trouble one of these days. Your throne will be too hot for you to sit on too! Humph!

Ah Beng: Wow…look at that cool feature in his blog – ShoutOut. Can shout until you drop leh. I want to add that in my blog.

Angel: Hey Ah Beng. You got time to shout meh? I thought you wanted to blog blog blog until you drop? Like this how to earn money wor? The more you write the more you earn mar. Set your priority right lar.

Devil: Relax Mr. Ring Head! Let me check it out first. ***keying into the shout box*** ”Hi Lasker, Elise, Criz Lai, Angeline, Adelene, Angelina, GummyBoy, Chee Hsien. aL, vingie, Stephanie, BenjiPapa, Papajoneh, JJ, Minny, ChristinaYY, Dragon Head, michie, Kah Peng, PC, Sukidayo, Baby D, Baby Fiona, Conan Cat, Ree Nee, Cedric, Kucing Mafia, Gillian, Princess Wendy, Nicholas Chan, Satkuru, ChefKhuen, LogicYuan. Calvyn, HaoHao, Eddy, Jaecy Wong, SC Bone, G-Devil, K.Kim, RYU, Colleen, Michelle, Jared, Sumilo, Wai Chee, Des, Daniel, Jeff, Shea Speare, Erlynda, Emily, Saewei, Dex……etc.” Wah…so big ShoutOut family. Very syiok leh. Angel…do not disturb me. You go sleep now! Haha. ***continue to chat nonstop***

Angel: @_@... selfish Devil!

Ah Beng: Whoa…the Malaysian bloggers are having a grand gathering organized by Nuffnang at ABC Restaurant this month end! Blogblog Taiko will be making a guest appearance.

Angel: Let’s go and get acquainted with those experienced blogger. We can also rub shoulders with Blogblog Taiko and mingle with lots of “leng zai”s and ‘leng lui”s there. Who knows? Ah Beng will not be so lonely after all.

Devil: Ceh…go there do what? That place’s food sucks. The air-conditioning is like hot-conditioning. Ah Beng sure suffocate with so many people there. Blogblog Taiko “tai sai” meh? Who cares who he is? I also Taiko mar!

Angel: ***fainted*** No comment!

Disclaimer: This is just the author’s humorous write-up and no characters or locations mentioned above are related to anyone or any place, except for the author’s personal website, ShoutOut and Nuffnang’s link.


Egotism: An exaggerated or excessive sense of self importance.

Suitheism: The belief of oneself as a Deity, Angel or God

Solipsism: The belief of one’s existence and experience is the truth

Egocentrism: The belief of one’s self, opinions, interests as the ultimate selections. Having the misconception that everyone sees or thinks as what he sees or thinks.

Narcissism: The over limit of loving oneself. Psychologically, it is a severe personality dysfunction where it involved the characteristic of a person.

Machiavellianism: Having the tendency to deceive and manipulate others for own gain

Superiority Complex: An exaggerated sense of being better than other people.

SELF CENTERED: Concerned solely with one's own interests, welfare, etc.; engrossed in self; selfish; egotistical.

SELF Pride: One of the seven holy sins of mankind, which also consist of lust, gluttony, envy, greed, sloth and wrath. Excessiveness will cause the downfall of oneself.

Boastful: To speak with exaggeration and excessive pride.

Arrogant: Offensive display of superiority or self-importance; overbearing pride.

Brag: The act of using boastful language(s). Sometimes it is defined as talking big.

SELF Conceit: An excessively favorable opinion of oneself or one's abilities. Sometimes it is known as big headed.

Selfish: It is characterized by or manifesting concern or care only for oneself.

SELF SEEKER: A person who seeks his or her own interest or selfish ends.

SMALL MINDED: Selfish, petty, or narrow-minded.

Anti Social: Unwillingness or inability to associate in a normal or friendly way with other people.

Nobody, not even Ah Beng, the Angel or the Devil is ever perfect in dealing with daily or life issues. So who do you think you are? Are you the Angel or the Devil? Or are you just Ah Beng who is forever under the influences of his two alter egos?


Adelene said...

I'm the first I'm the first!
muahahaha! *points at my name*
I saw my name!
This is the second comment I'm writing to anybody
so be bangga! :P

zewt said...

wat? another gathering organised by nuffnang?

pikey said...

hhmmmm..... this blog is getting into self improvement blog for readers liao, kekekeke...

Dexterity said...

wakakaka... i like the angel and devil talking... so funny...

muahahahaha bye bye

papajoneh said...

Criz this is a good posting. I can't even answer the last question. It needs some deep deep self checking on my behalf. Im sure I can be any of this three on certain day. Wow. Nice post.
Good reminder to some as well. Well done. This is the Criz Lai I've known so long. Keep it coming.
and I'm still thinking whether I'm the Devil, Angel or the Ah Beng. wow.

waichee said...

i guess we are just ourself afterall..at the end of the day is always us and us alone,don't matter how many 'self' we created...
but i guess time will make us know who we really are someday...

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