Tuesday, 17 July 2007


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The sound of thunder was booming very loudly, deafening my ear drums painfully. It was raining heavily and the chillness from the freezing cold wind felt as if it was piercing right into my bones. I was stuck, stuck in the mall because I forgot to bring my umbrella out from my car which was parked nearby. The sky was sunny and bright when I went shopping and as usual I assumed that the weather would be fine towards the end of the day.

Standing and tapping my feet impatiently at the entrance of the mall, I was cursing at Mother Nature for stalling my ever hectic schedule. The more I cursed, the heavier the raindrops fell onto the road, creating small puddles within a short period of time. From one end of my eye, I noticed a small boy with a man, which I believed was his Dad. My mind suddenly drifted back to my childhood years when I went shopping with my parents and brother. Those were the best times I ever had being together with the whole family, spending precious time together as a family. I missed all those good memories.

At that moment, I saw the boy looking at his Dad with those cute pathetic eyes while pulling the shirt of his Dad. I overheard what he said to his Dad and my heart went soft immediately. He said, “Daddy, why must we wait here when we can run through the rain to our car?” His Dad replied, “Let us wait until the rain slow down then we go together. You would not want to get soak and be sick right?” After a few minutes, the rain was still pouring heavily without giving any mercy to any of us.

“Daddy, we would not get wet!” said the boy. His Dad was stunned and asked him what he meant. “You told Mum that she could get through her sickness anytime if we have strong faith in ourselves. Daddy! Let us run through the rain!” The whole crowd became dead silent and all eyes were on the boy. Everyone was stunned at how a child so young and innocent would remark that way. Even an adult at times will not think so rational. The remark had affected all of us mentally and emotionally. “Yes, you are right son. Nothing can stop us from believing in ourselves. Let us run to the car!” said his Dad.

Everyone was clapping their hands and cheering at the father and son as they ran through the rain towards their car. They then followed, walking happily towards their cars, ignoring the wetness of the weather. I did too and I was down with a bit of flu. Sleeping through it and believing that I will be better the next day, I recovered and I was more energetic than ever. I then believed that there is always a reason for our actions. My reason was I never had enough rest as my workload just never seems to end. The mild flu made me rest more and now my concentration and thinking power has strengthened, enabling me to write better.

There are always many barriers obstructing us from meeting our goals in life. Do not ever give up as there are always ways to turn around for the better. Life is just like a stage. Overcoming the fear by having strong faith in ourselves, believing in what we can do, acting on it would not be much problem.

Run through your fear, run though your life without ever looking back into the sorrowful past, keep moving forward, keep believing in yourself that you can do it and running through the rain would not be so hard anymore.

Life is short... If you do not have faith in yourself, you might just miss the journey to a better life!


Bell said...

Wow that's deep... good one.

MonkeyWong said...

Good post!! Make me into 'thinking mode', :P

JJzai said...

believe in faith,
believe in destiny,
everyone has different mission.

CRIZ LAI said...

bell: it's always deep when it comes to life's philosophy

monkeywong: that's what we all should have. A thinking cap on all the time.

JJzai: hey...you think more maturely now :)

papajoneh said...

Oh my... thats really true Criz. Even though it's hard to swallow, but by just believing in yourself, you can conquer the ocean, move the mountain and even to the extend of definite impossible.
Life is short. Enjoy it like there's no barrier in front of you. Like there's no tomorrow.
Well written as always from you, Criz. I never regret in giving u the thinking award. You really deserve it. :)

CRIZ LAI said...

papajoneh: you got it right :)

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