Monday, 4 June 2007


I came across an article regarding “Does Your Dog Know English?” while browsing through the internet recently. I was amused by how dogs could be so intelligent to learn up new languages other than their normal “woof woof woof”. After reading the article, funny thoughts flashed through my mind. What would have happened if dogs were to surplus the human intelligence and act like humans? Here are the results:

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Yea…they are getting to be too smart even for cats

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See what would happen if they were to be humans?

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I guessed it’s a dog life out there…

Gosh…How the heck did I come out with such weird thoughts? I guessed we human tend to have such funny thoughts during certain time of our lives. Do you have any funny thoughts you want to share here?


healy said...

"hello? I am Harry, Do you have any gal fren for me? haha....."
This is my dog's name. When he was a little baby, he look exactly like one of them from your blog. (the one that hugging winnie the pooh).

p/s: can I have ur msn?

IslandGirl4Ever2 said...

Salamat Pagi!
CUTE!!!! Hi Cri... Thanks for your visit to my blog.. I am honored, too... to have you there!! I really like your blog.. So creative, I could spend hours!
Have you seen the email with dog screen cleaners? If not.. pop me an email (on my About page) and I will send it to you via email... Have a nice day!-- Leesa

wuching said...

if dogs were humans then we wuldn't be able to eat hem now would we?

CRIZ LAI said...

healy: Hi Harry...I'm Christine. I'm a female Shitzu...I heard you are interested in me...Wanna date me? :P

P/s: crizlai [at] hotmail [dot] com

islandgirl4ever2: Hi's 6.38pm now. Anyway you can send to my email as above :)

wuching: Gosh...Don't be cruel to stop eating hot dogs for heaven's sake :P

JJzai said...

harlo criz~
wanna see my babies?
he is so cute~
i think it is scottish breed.

kuanhoong said...

My funny thought..

What will a dog blog about Criz Lai?

CRIZ LAI said...

jjzai: Gosh...your dog is your babe? :P

kuanhoong: I'm also thinking what the dog will write about me. Any idea?

pikey said...

so cute, hahahahaa.. next time i take a pic of my bro's dog n show u.. it's completely hairy and black, lol

Bee Ean Tee said...

I think dogs are clever bcos they just sit there and you will feed them and serve them. hehe. There's no need to take over the blogging task lah, why work so hard? They can just take nap and with their cute look people love them to dead already.

weichuen said...

If my girlfriend dogs were humans, they will stop sniffing my backside! Cool blog Bro!

a n n n a said...

cute doggies.. i wish to have one too.. huuuuuu... If dogs were humans, then who's gonna be man's bestfriend?

CRIZ LAI said...

pikey: Wow...all gone doggies...haha. Anyway they sure look cute :)

bee ean tee: yea...they just sit there and we serve them. I just wonder who is the boss now. you or the dog? :P

weichuan: butt sniffing? Just make sure they don't play SMS when they are human. SMS - Sniff My "S" ...hehe. Hmmm...Bro? Who are you?

anna: Hmmm...Man is Man's Best Friend doesn't fit too :P

babyfiona said...

criz, you watch too much cartoon lar! if not you wont be able to come out with all those weird thoughts. LOLS But its funny though!

CRIZ LAI said...

babyfiona: the only cartoon i watch is Sayuki the Japanese version of Journey to the West. All the main characters are humans. And all of them uses guns :P

Nicholas Chan said...

what comes to my mind when i saw this post with dogs with speech bubble, is the movie Cats and Dogs, they speak english. HAHA

CRIZ LAI said...

nicholas: yea...I like the movie too :)

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