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If only this is true :P

Nowadays I seemed to get lots and lots of junk mails in all of my email accounts, may it be hotmail, yahoo or even google. Even though I did try not to subscribe to any of the online sites, the junk mails still managed to creep into my mailboxes. God knows how? Most of the junk mails nowadays come from the medical sectors which promote Viagra, Penis Enlargement, Breast Enlargement, etc.

I had a laugh when I visited one of the blog recently. I saw this photo in Kucau’s blog and decided to share this humour with you all. It’s on Viagra. Let us have a bit of knowledge on Viagra before we proceed to view the photo.

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Blue diamond shaped Viagra

Viagra is a prescribed medication given to men with erectile dysfunction or impotency. It is being manufactured by Pfizer as an blue shaped oral medication. When taken, the erection will last for more than 4 hours.

Here are some of the side effects known for Viagra users. Those patients taking nitroglycerin or similar nitrate compounds for their hearts should not take this medication because it would result in fainting and collapsing. Additionally, there are side effects with headaches and stomach upsets being the most common. There may also be flushing and some nasal congestion. Abnormal vision is also an additional side effect which is unusual. Some men describe that they see a blue haze when they take Viagra.

Blue haze or blue sky? All I can see is a handsome guy wearing a bandanna and having a sword. What? Having the side effect of Viagra too? Gosh…I think I have watched Pirates of the Caribbean 3 once too many time. :P

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Haha…How could they sell Viagra so openly?

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Viagra Massage? OMG…what could they think of next?

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-Princess Shin- said...

Oooh.. tell me about it! Haha.. it's hilarious sometimes! Penis enlargements and every thing! Haha..

Little blue pill.. Interesting!

CRIZ LAI said...

princess shin: Din see you for a long time. Welcome back :) Sometimes it's good to be creative and hilarious when you blog :P

conan_cat said...

lmfao! XD pirates plak hahaha... and yeah those spams are really darn annoying. i just delete them without a second thought.

and viagra massage??? i don't want to know what they do there...

Wuching said...

i get them junk mails too, dunno how?

kuanhoong said...

Sometimes you are asked to give you email address when you register online at some sites. These sites tend to sell your particulars to spammers. To prevent this, you should only give out your primary email address to reliable sites. The rest, you should give out your secondary email when you seldom use.

So how is the effect of viagra on you? Better performance? :D

a n n n a said...

I got junks like these too.. dunno how to get rid it for good.

& wth.. Viagra massage! How? eeeee

ehon said...

WTF?! Viagra massage? LOL!!!

Viagra is generally safe and is really helpful esp for those who have neuro problems or not getting erection. :)

CRIZ LAI said...

conan cat: neither do i :P

wuching: someone somehow sold yr email to spammers

kuanhoong: i don need viagra...errr still strong kua :P

anna: I hv that too...even I hv reported them as junks.

ehon: even natural medication hv side effects on certain people. That does not exclude Viagra.

Hmmmm...I wonder why no one commented on the cartoon...hehehe

piggy said...

LoL. Dunno how to comment on the cartoon. Btw, just a thought. The viagra massage? I think they probably grind up the viagra and mix it together with the oil or cream then massage on to that particular body part. :P

Aaron Chua said...

I also get that kinda mail all the time.
What's a viagra massage?? Apa macam?

CRIZ LAI said...

aaron: I have no idea too. There's nothing shown in the Yahoo or Google search on this matter :P

JennyHow said...

i only get those junk emails in yahoo inbox. surprisingly google and hotmail spam do end up in spam. Why like that ah?

CRIZ LAI said...

jennyhow: i always get it in yahoo. Google and hotmail once in a while. But my hotmail account which I applied many years ago is fully infected as I did click on add-on sites.

Bell said...

Isn't it ironic that they recommend people with heard problems NOT take viagra, when the truth is that Viagra was discovered unintentionally when doing research for heart medication... namely muscle relaxants... only to find that it relaxed the wrong set of muscles further "south". I've heard the effects of viagra can last not just more than 4 hrs but over 7 hrs even... depending on the person! incredible or uncomfortable... I wouldn't know! Haha!

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