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Becoming your own boss has always been the dream of many people, but do you fully understand the basic part of setting up your business legally, even if it’s a small business? It’s not just about getting a business location, bringing in your products or services and just opening your door to start up your business. There are some fundamental actions to be taken prior to being legally in business. 

Most entrepreneurs or businesses would opt for filling out either the "S" corporation or an LLC (Limited Liability Company) corporate form, because these forms limit personal liability while still allowing profits and losses to be passed through to the owners' personal tax returns. Unless you are a home based business, obtaining a business license of course would be a main priority. Each state would need to know the nature of business you are engaging in. Other than that, you are basically able to execute your small business in peace. In other cases where you might want to expand your business by hiring some employees, it would be best to find an attorney or a counselor to get advice on other requirements, as it would involve more applications.

To set up a business may sound easy but there’s also one more important aspect that will be rather crucial to the success of any business. Do you have enough working capital to sustain your business? Many smaller businesses often face this challenge, especially when there are bigger projects on hand that require a substantial amount of cash flow in order to carry out the projects smoothly. To get a business loan the traditional way within a short period of time, might sound quite impossible because there is a lot of red tape to go through to get the loan approved, and this takes up loads of time. In times of stress, wouldn't it be great if you could get some assistance for your small business financing

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