Thursday, 29 July 2010



Nowadays, you would see more and more healthy conscious people around, especially a large percentage of business executives, hitting the gym after a hard day of work. After all, where else could be more perfect for exercising than a place filled with all the necessary equipments and facilities to ensure a healthier body? Most of these gyms would provide personal lockers to its members to keep all their belongings while having the peace of mind to get their bodies to be fitter than ever.

However, there are a few gym etiquettes that a user has to adhere in order for everyone to be happy at all times. One of these rules involved the gym lockers area. Cleanliness is the main concern for many users. You don’t expect to use a locker bench with stacks of dirty and sweaty laundries right? Be responsible to get a laundry bag to put in all your dirty clothes even before if you intend to prance towards the showers. Please remember that the locker room is not your home but a place for other users. Do place the bag at a place that won’t be an eye sore to others. After all, this would not be a hard habit to acquire right?

Getting cleaned up is one thing but leaving a trail of water after your shower might be hazardous. If you want to get to your locker for your clean clothes, make sure you wipe your body and feet dry before heading there. Accident might happen and a slip could be fatal. Be responsible for the safety of others too.

Another thing that most users would hate would be the amount of time you spent at your locker area, especially during the peak period of the day and the area is rather small. Do whatever you need to do and get out from the area as soon as you can. Some users can be so ignorant that they spent their time chit-chatting away, thus obstructing others the opportunity to change swiftly. Well, if you intend to do so, quickly get done and go to the nearest coffee house to chat all you want as there are a lot of people who would want to get home for their necessary rests.

These are just the few examples that most gym users would detest. The gym is a place to get fitter while the locker room is a place for a speedy clean up. If you intend to exhibit your “properties” by lingering a bit too long in the locker room, you should think about doing so in a competition. LOL!

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