Saturday, 21 February 2009


I wondered what had happened to the mentality and maturity of kids nowadays. Were they exposed to the world of technology and internet way too early for their age or was the influence of television programs gave them such an imaginative state of mind? I too would have opted for an early retirement if I were to constantly face with the challenge of correcting their English essays.

Why would I say so? Just look at how a student in Hong Kong would have written based on a given topic such as “At a department store”. This essay got me banging my head against the wall as it was way too hilarious! This is just one of the many sample essays one would expect from a student. Could you imagine seeing three languages such as English, Japanese and Chinese written as an English assignment? No wonder it’s getting harder to get people to be trained in the teaching profession, especially in the language category.

Please read the below two attachments and tell me if you think that the children of today fantasize more compared to us when we were still schooling. Click on the individual attachment to view a larger version.



I just hope the English teachers here would not have to go through this type of stress level… Pray hard! Haha!

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Puss-in-Boots said...

Goodness. Too many violent computer games I think or a sociopathic killer in the making.

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