Friday, 27 June 2008



Forums can be great only if they are properly used for discussing problems, providing solutions and getting latest news but has the local forums especially those Chinese related ones maintained their dignity by ensuring truths in the news itself? Just an example from the recent case when the whole Penang state was put under alert when one of the forum users advised those people using the Penang Bridge to be careful as a ship had collided with the bridge. The news spread like a virus and the Penang state Government has a hard time in assuring the public that the Penang Bridge was safe to be used. The rumor also came out on the front page in many of the local dailies and the user has been banned from the forum.

What else is cooking in the forum now? Twister in Penang? In Bukit Jambul area? In fact, that is what another user has posted up now, even with a photo. Should I believe that the photo is not photoshopped? In my opinion, I do not and will not fall for the same old trick again. I was asking myself, if the news was real, why was there only a photo and not a series of photos?

I have checked through all the online local news and nothing was mentioned about the twister although it supposedly happened at around 2pm on 26 June 2008. By now, the news would have appeared in our local daily today, right? The second doubt was that how could a twister which promised a gloomy dark sky can still shine through some sunlight against the background buildings? I think the person who did that “touch up”, ought to consider all these aspects before even trying to fool people with false news.

Here are the two versions of the photos obtained from the forum. Do guessed out if these are the photos that can really convince the public.



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