Wednesday, 30 April 2008



Sometimes I wondered if so called ordinances in some countries ought to be reconsidered for further amendments. Just look at the outcry of people across the world on the recent case of Rothrocks vs the US Indiana Government. The couples were asked relocated their family business of 20 years just because the government had decided to zone the district of Brazil, Indiana, USA as “a residential and historical zone”. On top of that, the couples had also received a kennel license from the government until August this year for helping to rescue, spay, neuter and vaccinate stray and feral cats at their expenses.

The question remained as a question without any proper explanations. Why would it take the government such a long time to close down a business which had become the livelihood of the couples for 20 years? How are they going to survive after this as relocation means giving up the family home as well as start anew their business which will take months or years to pick up again?

The second question would be as follows. If the property has been labeled as “a residential and historical zone”, why in the first place approved the license and then decided to revoke it, leaving the couples in dilemma as how to relocate all their 31 rescued pets to families who are willing to care for them? If not, they will be fined, adding to their worries of how to survive for the next couple of months.

Now who is at fault? The Rothrocks or the Indiana Government? I was even shocked to read on the reply by Michele Altman, Planning & Zoning Dept, Brazil, Indiana, USA to a concerned citizen on the welfare of the Rothrocks.

“The Rothrock's have not been fined, even though I was within my legal rights to fine them $2,500.00 for the first day and $7,500.00 for every day thereafter until the violation no longer occurred.”

“I cannot speak for previous administrations as to why they failed to do their jobs. I can only speak for myself. I have recently shut down several other businesses that were operating illegally, so I have not singled out the Rothrocks. I will do my job.”

Isn’t it amazing for a person to deny the facts that the ordinance has a flaw and blamed it to the previous administration for not doing their job? Even the Alley Cat Allies, who assisted cities all over the country with stray cat problems, has quoted this:

“Across the country, citizens are being punished for caring for stray and feral cats. These caregivers did not create the colonies of cats -- and they are serving their communities by humanely caring for them. But according to antiquated animal control laws and uninformed community leaders, each of these Good Samaritans deserves to be punished. We must change outdated animal control laws, policies and practices. We must stop caregivers from being punished for doing the right thing. ”

The news had even gone to the media with The Brazil Times and WTHI reporting on it. Surprisingly, all links for the Tammy Rothrock case went missing in the WTHI website. I wondered if someone asked them to keep their mouth shut on this case. It’s a mystery.


TorAa said...

I'm speechless. Only human bureaucrats can act like this. They are programmed not to think.

TorAa said...

Great entrybv

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