Thursday, 20 March 2008



Do you know that every single line on your palm will indicate your health situation or energy flow? The marks or signs on these lines will define whether you will have health problem some time in your life and how badly it will affect you. I always had neck and back problems due to sitting too long in front of the computer and it indeed showed in my right palm. Here are some of the facts on the effects of Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Uranus on health issues and I am willing to share them with you.

JUPITER: The lines can reveal eyesight problems, injury to the eyes when an island is seen below the third finger. A break on this line often means liver problems and a cross shows a tendency to a stroke and heart failure.

MERCURY: The line often reveals mental illness, stress and anxiety. If you see islands, crosses or breaks, it can mean that you have a weaken body and a depressive mind. Healing will be prolonged.

VENUS: If you see moles, islands and crosses, it could mean that there are some venereal diseases. In women, these are signs of problems in the ovaries, womb and breasts. In men, these are signs of prostate gland problems or a weakening sexual energy due to a trauma.

URANUS: Apart from indicating wealth issues, crosses and islands could mean that there will be kidney and bladder problems. Breaking lines could mean arthritis and rheumatism tendencies. If there are many breaks, you could be having on-going rheumatic problems.


Ji Yuan said...

i tried to read up stuff about palmistry but they didn't answer my question...


I get diff stories from diff ppl saying why its right,why its left?

I still don't know...

Napaboaniya said...

Wahahahahhah~~ I'm associating my mercury line with mental illness :P

Got differentiate male=左 female=右 or not? :P

Deana said...

I've been sitting here trying to figure mine out. My Venus is the only one that has messy breaks or crosses. I think my mind is strong.

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