Wednesday, 27 February 2008



There were two prominent politicians battling it out in public to win the support of the people. Both of them had a huge turnout during their public speeches. Mr. X has been known to have helped many people from the poor-stricken community in seeking aids in food supplies, education as well as basic needs. On the other hand, Mr. Y has countless times promised that he would build many low cost houses to replace the badly worn out houses of the people. He even promised the people that there would be new job opportunities for them to sustain their lives and new roads to replace the filled with potholes ones.

As Mr. X finished his speech, there were lots of applauses. Mr. X was contented with the responses he got. When Mr. Y ended his speech, all the people stood up with some putting up their hands aggressively and shouting “Wala! Wala!” Mr. Y was pleased with the reactions he got from the people as it showed that he was getting more supports from the community than Mr. X. In his mind, it will be a sure win for him. The people love him a lot. Mr. X was stunned but was seen to be smiling quietly.

As Mr. Y was walking through the red sanded path towards his car, more people were shouting “Wala! Wala!” Suddenly, someone grabbed him aside. He was shocked and asked the guy why he did that? The guy pointed to a big pile of bullshit on the ground and said, “Wala Wala!” Mr. Y almost fainted.

Now you know who you should vote for during the election? Vote not for the party banner but for those who really understand your needs and able to assist you well. If a politician does not understand your language well, it is nothing but “Bullshit” to what they have promised. Think smart when you vote this coming 8th March 2008! Good Luck!

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papajoneh said...

Either you vote for the party or the person. your choice. i tried both and it does produced different result.

So make a good choice. Vote for what you believe can help you and your family.

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