Friday, 4 January 2008



Most of the locals here will opt for ceiling fans with the humid weather that has been hitting most part of the country. While you are enjoying the cool nice breeze, you suddenly heard a strange wobbling sound as if part of the ceiling is falling apart. What could that be? Is one of the blades on the fan wobbling? How would you settle this problem?

There could be some reasons why a ceiling fan wobbles. The reasons are that the blades could be out of balance, out of track or warped. The wobble could also be result from air turbulence caused by the blades being closer than 6” from one side of a sloped cathedral ceiling beam.

You can also see if the fan blades are out of balance by clipping a clothes peg to halfway between the tip and the blade iron on the leading edge of one blade. Turn on the fan on a low speed and see if the added weight stops the wobble. Try each blade to determine if it needs more weight. If the clothes peg stops the wobble, it should be replaced with thin, adhesive-backed lead-weighted tape, which should be available through the fan manufacturer’s service center.

Check to see if one or more of the blades are out of track. Using a yardstick, measure the distance from the ceiling to tip of each blade – it should be equal for each blade. If the distances vary, contact the nearest service center for correction or replacement. If the blades are not out of track, try swapping the blades to correct the problem. Switch the position of two adjacent blades, while leaving the other two in their original positions. While the blades are off the fan, lay them on a flat surface to see if they are warped. If so, replace them.

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Bell said...

wobble wobble... does the fan break off if it wobbles and you don't fix it? or is it only annoying?

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