Tuesday, 15 January 2008



There are many kinds of people in our society. They may be your relatives, friends, colleagues, neighbors or just anybody surrounding you now. Basically, they fall into 4 main categories.

CATEGORY 1: He who does not know but think he knows
These are fools that we should avoid in order not to get ourselves acquainted with their foolishness.

CATEGORY 2: He who does not know that he knows
These are the people who need our guidance and support to be awakened so that they can do more beyond their present efforts.

CATEGORY 3: He who knows what he does not know
These are the people who are self motivated to seek more knowledge for self improvement.

CATEGORY 4: He who know that he knows
These are who we should acquaint with in order for us to develop ourselves further. They will guide us and help us to grow better in our journey of life.

So now which category do you think you fall into? Which category do you associate with most of the time? Do you think that you are mingling with the correct crowd now? Share your thoughts here.

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Bell said...

I don't think I know even though I might know something... but at the same time I can't be absolutely certain that I don't know that something that I might know either... *bLuR*

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